2 Enabling the Digital and Energy transition CONTENTS Focus On Re-organizing to meet sustainability challenges p. 3 Capturing opportunities of Energy and Digital Transitions with a new management structure p. 4 Prysmian Group CSO Bifulco starts mapping plan to cut C0 2 emissions 46% by 2030 p. 8 Companies don’t transform themselves; their people do p. 10 Prysmian Group Around the World Anything you do, do it well p. 12 When reaching a goal is a starting point to do even better p. 16 Tracking the Future An innovation ecosystem that is bigger than the sum of its parts p. 18 Work gets underway at Pikkala for Net Zero heating solution p. 20 Prysmian Group Turkey’s Aysun Kalmik talks about her priorities for D&I Steering Committee p. 22 Improving the diversity pipeline and promoting an inclusive workplace p. 24 Prysmian adheres to the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact p. 26 Doing Business Eco Cable, green inside p. 28 Aiming for zero injuries with Zero & Beyond p. 31 Quarterly Overview Solid start to the year. Sales recovered p. 32