The new Group stock ownership plan aims at 1.5% of share capital held by employees.

Prysmian Group has launched a new long-term stock ownership plan for its employees presented by CEO Valerio Battista in Milan to 300 managers from all around the world acting as ‘ambassadors’ for the initiative in their respective countries. The YES, or Your Employee Shares, Plan is now in its fourth consecutive year and has already met with considerable success within the company: to date over 40% of the Group’s approximately 20,000 employees in 50 countries have become investors in the company they work with.

The YES plan, which has been extended by Prysmian board of directors for a further three years, offers employees the opportunity to buy Prysmian shares at a discount of up to 25% on market price. The previous 3 years period scored a significant €17M investment, standing out as proof of the trust employees pose on our Group. In order to favour the majority of employees, the discount for top managers is only 1%, whereas it is 15% for managers. The plan also calls for bonuses in the form of eight free shares for those who have already participated and are renewing their commitment. A new loyalty bonus of 5 shares has been introduced for those who decide to renew the 36 months lock up period for selling during the first 3 years of the plan. Starting this year, employees from Argentina, Indonesia, Côte d’Ivoire, Philippines, New Zealand and Tunisia can also join the programme.

A huge team guided by common goals

Aksoy Ilker, Product and Key Account Manager for Prysmian Group in Germany and part of the thousand people who have joined the shareholders program, explains that he decided to join YES three years ago because he thought it was “a great opportunity to strengthen my sense of belonging and that of my colleagues”. Ilker adds that it was “fantastic” that there were thousand of people around the world, with different cultures, knowledge and positions, who thought the same: “I felt like a part of a huge team guided by common goals”.

Make It: where manufacturing is everything

In 2015 some 6.000 candidacies were filed from all over the world.

Prysmian Group is on the hunt for passionate engineers to help shape the future, looking for professionals with between 3 and 7 years’ experience in factory roles such as process, maintenance, planning, quality, product development, and production engineering, with a bachelor’s degree in engineering, good English, strong people skills, a hands-on, can-do attitude and a real passion for operations. The Make It program, that last year recorded some 6.000 candidacies filed from all over the world, offers the opportunity, at Prysmian Group, to overcome challenges worthy of the most ambitious professional skills. The key roles currently on offer within the program are those of Process Engineer, Maintenance Engineer, Planning Engineer, Quality Engineer Product Engineer, Production Engineer/Supervisor.

Isifo Olear, process engineer at the Claremont plant in North America, tells that what he liked the most about the induction within the Make It program was the international exposure to other cultures and ethnics: “The broad networking with people from other backgrounds that will be joining the company and in the future be key leaders”. Isifo says that he would recommend the program to any young individual who has potential mind-set to part of Prysmian: “The opportunities are significant and thanks to the Make it they can be successfully fulfilled”.

“Our goal is to increase the share capital held by employees up to 1.5% by the end of this edition, in the second three-year period. For a public company like Prysmian, aligning the interests of its shareholders and employees is of fundamental importance.”

Valerio Battista,
CEO of Prysmian Group