FTTH Council: build fibre

and get 5G (almost) free


A recent study conducted by Comsof for the FTTH Council Europe shows that operators anticipating and building FTT-5G* while planning and rolling out FTTH can realize vast cost savings. This is the first time that a study has put precise numbers on the value of this convergence, highlighting the massive potential.

Kees de Waard


According to the study, the extra investment required to prepare a full fibre network for 5G is in the range of 0.4% to 7.2%. The range of cost savings for the resulting converged fibre-5G network can reach between 65% and 96%.


“Planning ahead a 5G ready FTTH network allows for considerable synergies and hence a more efficient use of investments as well as less civil works and disturbance,” said Erzsébet Fitori, Director General of the FTTH Council Europe. “This also means that with a smart and future-proof FTTH deployment, the cost of fibre related to a 5G deployment can be virtually almost eliminated. These results are of critical importance for any fibre investor trying to think ahead and monetize on 5G with a little extra fibre investment.”


The scope of this study covers a greenfield underground scenario, which is where cost saving opportunities are the highest. However, a previously deployed fibre network can also be leveraged. Because substantial savings can be made in rural areas, even countries which are leading on fibre deployment still offer high saving opportunities.

Advanced 5G services promise a full range of new applications, from smarter cities and cars to revolutionary health applications, which will fully transform society and the economy. Increasing densification deploying more cells, each covering a smaller area, is one way of increasing bandwidth and dealing with constraints.


“5G is an opportunity for fibre because it is the preferred technology for the required speed and latency. 5G requires fibre to every cell site. It is important to understand that the prerequisite for swift 5G deployment is significant fibre densification.” explains Kees de Waard, President of the FTTH Council Europe.


* Equivalent to Fibre to a 5G antenna/base station

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