Compact and easy to install , PRY-CAM HOME consists of two units, MASTER and PLUG, that allowmeasuring the key parameters of electrical installation in homes. Data is always available in real time through a dedicated APP. THE RIGHT SOLUTION FOR ELECTRICIANS AND HOMEOWNERS / Real time measurement of an installation’s key parameters / Voltage drop test / Earth loop impedance test / Miniature Circuit Breaker test / Residual Current Circuit Breaker test A new service for customers One solution, many functions The APP notification system allows prompt intervention should faults or malfunctioning occur. In addition, PRY-CAM HOME allows electricians to plan customised maintenance operations and make their customers’ electrical installations more efficient. Thanks to PRY-CAM HOME, electricians become a true reference point as for household electrical installations’ safety, full functionality and energy efficiency. PRY-CAM HOME allows to quickly carry out home electrical installations’ check tests and the printout of a technical annex summarising all the tests performed. MASTER PLUG