PRYCAM - Prevention is better than cure

Prevention is better than cure PRY-CAMmonitoring systems for cost-effective and highly reliable power grids in industrial applications

Solutions to demanding industrial challenges PRY-CAM solutions are specifically designed to tackle power failure challenges, help avoiding unplanned outages and provide real time information about the conditions of power assets. PRY-CAM, for data-driven power. Why PRY-CAM solutions are good for your business Power failures may happen and cause detrimental impacts on businesses and communities: that’s a fact. No matter the cause, either a fault in cabling and equipment or maintenance and repairing activities, each downtime minute translates into reduced direct profits, increased costs, and reputations losses. Power failures in factories, refineries, datacentres, or power generation plants lead always to huge costs and the more complex the solution to the failure, the higher the cost incurred. Fault prediction is the only approach that allows not only to plan power outages, resources mobilization and spare parts procurement, but also to avoid serious physical damages to an infrastructure and reduce inconveniences and financial impacts to a minimum. Advantages Online activity, no service interruption required Easy retrofitting On-site and remote support Targeted Systems Switchgear Transformers Cables and Cable Accessories Generators Industries Renewables, Nuclear, Power Generation Data Centres All applications with a power grid from 3 kV and above PRY-CAM offers a holistic approach to avoid unplanned event. PRY-CAM solutions are designed to provide simple and clear information about the status of electrical assets quickly and in an efficient way, to identify where and when a fault will occur, to allow adjusting maintenance schemes based on predictive strategies rather than preventive and to reduce financial and reputation damages, accordingly. All PRY-CAM products feature robust and standardized enclosures to face the challenges of industrial applications. Each PRY-CAM solution can be configured based on the customers’ specific needs in terms of parameters to be monitored to support their specific maintenance and asset management strategies and provide a 360° service. PRY-CAM solutions are ideal also for retrofitting operations as they do not require power outage to be installed. All PRY-CAM devices are maintenance-free and can be connected to a central platform. PRY-CAM solutions are a powerful preventive tool to help saving money on direct cost of repair (no more emergency), indirect costs (reduced outage hours), insurance costs leading to reduced OPEX and extended CAPEX lifetime.

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