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With greater passenger numbers travelling the seas aboard ever-larger cruise liners,
the attention of the shipbuilding industry is becoming more sharply focused on the
risks connected to these trends.
Of those risks, fire and its related impacts on continued functioning of machinery
and equipment, are among the most prominent. This is equally applicable to all
critical marine operation environments, such as the offshore oil industry.
At Prysmian, we are acutely aware of the need for our customers to always keep
in mind the risks associated with an outbreak of fire. This is why we’re committed
to the development of ultra fire resistant power, control and instrumentation cables,
designed primarily for use in shipboard and offshore marine applications.
The result is Seaflame™, our innovative range of products designed to deliver new
levels of performance and safety for the world’s leading marine businesses.
What links safety to the seas?
Linking the future
As the worldwide leader in the cable industry, Prysmian
Group believes in the effective, efficient and sustainable
supply of energy and information as a primary driver in the
development of communities.
With this in mind, we provide major global organisations
in many industries with best-in-class cable solutions, based
on state-of-the-art technology. Through two renowned
commercial brands – Prysmian and Draka – based in almost
100 countries, we’re constantly close to our customers,
enabling them to further develop the world’s energy
and telecoms infrastructures, and achieve sustainable,
profitable growth.
In our energy business, we design, produce, distribute and
install cables and systems for the transmission and distribution
of power at low, medium, high and extra-high voltage.
In telecoms, the Group is a leading manufacturer of all
types of copper and fibre cables, systems and accessories
– covering voice, video and data transmission.
Drawing on over 130 years’ experience and continuously
investing in R&D, we apply excellence, understanding and
integrity to everything we do, meeting and exceeding the
precise needs of our customers across all continents, at the
same time shaping the evolution of our industry.
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