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Seaflame™ – setting
new standards in fire
resistant cables
As a consequence of increases in passenger numbers and
cruise liner size, along with awareness of risks associated
with fire at sea, SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea Convention)
took steps towards issuing stringent regulations known
as ‘Safe Return to Port’ that must be complied with in the
design and build of passenger marine vessels.
As an integral component of power geared, and power feeding
systems, in order for a vessel to sail and safely return to port,
cables and cable systems must always remain operational,
including in the event of an onboard fire – no matter how
severe the fire or surrounding conditions.
This is one of the reasons for the continuous research
and development of highly specialised fire resistant cables,
designed to withstand and remain operational in the event
of fire, both for the shipbuilding and for the oil & gas offshore
industry. A further challenge to the performance of these
cables arises from the devices used to halt fires, such as
sprinklers or extinguishing hoses. In both cases, water
spraying or jetting can potentially cause the failure of
the cables due to water or mechanical shock.
The cable industry’s traditional interpretation of possible
solutions to guarantee operation of cables on board a
vessel in the event of fire – and to ensure shipbuilders
comply with SOLAS’ Safe Return to Port regulations –
has led to the installation of fire resistant cables in metallic
ducts to protect them from water spraying or jetting
(and related mechanical shocks).
Seaflame™ is Prysmian’s innovative interpretation of
electrical components and cables requirements, which
enables shipbuilders to comply with their regulatory
demands, most importantly SOLAS’ Safe Return to Port.
Combining every feature and requirement to exceed
the most stringent fire resistance standards (including
mechanical shock and water simulations), Seaflame™’s
ultra fire resistance and ultra-high performance guarantee
operation in the case of fire, helping to support shipyards
in complying with SOLAS’ Safe Return to Port regulations,
and ensuring the highest levels of safety on all vessels.
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