Prysmian ITA 747 and Giancarlo Pedote ready to set sail again

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Boat sponsored by Prysmian prepares for the longest-ever leg in the history of the solo Transatlantic race.

Milan, Italy   -   13/11/2013 - 12:00 AM

Boat sponsored by Prysmian prepares for the longest-ever leg in the history of the solo Transatlantic race

Milan, 13 November 2013. Yachtsman Giancarlo Pedote is preparing to set sail in the Prysmian ITA 747 on the single leg of the Mini Transat 6.50, the solo transatlantic race for mini-class yachts, after the cancellation of the first of the two scheduled legs.

The race, which began in October and was originally intended to be in two stages from the Atlantic coast ofFranceto the Canaries and then on to Guadalupe, was revolutionized after adverse weather conditions affected the planned route. The first stage, which had already been halved and shortened during the race itself, saw Pedote having broken away and holding a dominant position, virtually in first place and close to the finish line when the French race committee decided to cancel the first part of the race, and with it the ranking.

Today, after several days spent relocating all the boats and with the weather conditions still challenging, the yachtsmen are getting ready to set off on the new route, which has been lengthened to cover the section excluded in October. Starting from Sada on the Atlantic coast of Spain, the skippers will have to sail straight to Pointe-à-Pitre in Guadalupe via the Canaries, on a single journey of 3,700 miles which makes this the longest-ever leg in the Mini Transat’s history.

“It’s an extremely long stretch and will be exhausting for many. There’s a possibility that some might run out of food and water” commented Giancarlo Pedote before the departure.

“Unfortunately, the weather conditions have raised a few concerns. A strong anticyclone has been forecast for the departure time, with gusts of up to 30 knots. But given the boat’s performance in the first leg, when the climatic conditions were already very challenging, I'm very confident.

Earlier this year, Giancarlo Pedote had a successful run-up to the Mini Transat. After coming first in the Trinité–Plymouth and the Trophée Marie-Agnès Péron — the first-ever victory for an Italian yachtsman and with an all-time record for speed — he came second in the Demi-Clé and the Pornichet Sélect 6.50.

The participation and support of the Prysmian Group is the result of a profitable collaboration that combines the values of sailing with the Group’s mission of pursuing excellence in performance, quality, competitiveness and innovation, while respecting the environment and using resources responsibly.

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