Why Prysmian


The heroes of the Prysmian story could be you

Because whatever you do, wherever you’re based, you’ll be part of a company that is helping to create a more sustainable future.


To achieve our mission, we need people who think differently, who are passionate about science, technology and digitalisation, who never give up, whatever the challenge.


It’s why we support each person with their development. It’s why we’re committed to a diverse workforce, where we share ideas and bring different perspectives.

Develop your career in STEM with us

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math are truly at the heart of our DNA, pushing boundaries, driving us forward, and helping us positively impact the world.

And this is why we need people who will help us to make our world greener. This is why we need YOU.

You’ll have the opportunity to learn through our world-class Prysmian Academy, discover international opportunities and access our mentorship program.


Together to create a more sustainable future

We’re working to become a better and more inclusive company and that’s why we have targets to achieve by 2030 in the area of social sustainability.

We dream big, we value innovation, and we’re committed to creating a more sustainable future.

As successful as we’ve been in the past, we have further to go and more to do. That’s where you come in. Join us!


Drive, trust, simplicity

We put into practice our commitments, with drive and determination. We respect what our people bring with them, building relationships of mutual trust. We aim to keep things simple.

This is what we are and what we do every day at work, between colleagues and with customers. Our DNA also guides us in our daily choices.


Engagement and listening

Welcoming change, tackling complexity, enhancing innovation, incentivising teamwork, promoting each person’s development: these are some of the tasks required of good leadership today. At Prysmian, we believe it’s important to capitalise on everyone’s efforts in order to achieve the best result. This is why we always involve our staff in determining the processes around their jobs, and the shape of their roles. And this is why we invest time in continually listening to the many different types of know-how and experiences each and every person brings to the company.


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

As a Company with an international footprint, we are deeply aware of our responsibility to create an inclusive environment that embraces all forms of diversity. We have a culture of sharing, collaboration, openness and transparency: we consistently monitor our progression in these areas.

Each of our people has a unique skillset, perspective and capability that they bring to the business. We encourage them to make their mark on Prysmian by recognising the essential part they play both in the company and in the world.

SpeakUp. Our internal engagement survey.

In order to better understand the areas for development and define our action plans, it is essential for Prysmian to receive suggestions and contributions from its employees around the world.

We interviewed our staff in the latest edition of the SpeakUp internal survey, gathering their level of satisfaction and their opinions on areas such as training, workplace safety and work-family balance. The results were collected and discussed at individual business unit level and this led to the creation of specific plans for increasing the level of personal and professional engagement.