SpeakUp. Our Engagement Survey

Speak Up! Employee Engagement Survey

It is always essential for Prysmian to get inputs from Group’s employees across the globe to better understand the developmental areas and define Action Plans.

In the latest edition of the SpeakUp Survey, we have built and listened to what our people said and we have shared and discussed results at Plant, Country, Regional and BU level. All the Regions and BUs have, then, defined an Action plan, based the inputs, that are now implementing.

Despite the current challenging situation, we have worked together with our employee across the globe to continue improving and making our Prysmian better and better.

This is just an overview of the Plan at Global level; look for more details in Region/BU.


The survey is deployed in 25 languages with the aim to get the opinions of all employee about working environment, Integration, development and relationship with the organization. In 2022, we have got a huge participation thanks to our people’s commitment and we are now happy to share the key insights.

SDA Bocconi has supported us during the whole process and is still helping us to get a proper understanding of the feedback. SDA Bocconi, as third party, plays an important role to guarantee anonymity and compliance in all the phases.

 KEY HIGHLIGHT:  The overall response rate has been  86%, (vs. 73% in 2021) 83%  for DESK WORKERS and  87%  for NON-DESK WORKERS.