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P+ Develop. Grow. Thrive.

Unlock Your Potential with Prysmian's Performance and Development Process

P+ is our pathway to unlocking your full potential. When you join Prysmian, you’ll be assessed through an innovative approach that measures performance and potential, fostering your aspirations and future development. Our goal is to help you grow and thrive.

Unleashing Talent with P+

We believe that talent is in everyone, and P+ is here to unleash it. At Prysmian, we support our people in recognizing, valuing, and engaging their talents. Currently dedicated to 8000+ desk workers every year, P+ stands out as a strategic process that emphasizes value and merit. It enhances everyone’s contribution to the organization's success while promoting a culture of mutual feedback, people development, and awareness of individual potential.

What makes our Performance and Development Management Process unique

P+ is unique because of its main pillars:



It doesn’t matter if you are an entry level or a senior, the process involves all desk-workers worldwide, in the same way. By evaluating the various aspects of an individual's performance, and potential, Prysmian gains a 360° perspective to ensure appropriate career paths. 


P+ focuses on your individual aspirations and motivation, encouraging proactivity at every step. This includes setting individual goals, fostering open dialogue and continuous feedback, and enhancing self-awareness of your performance for individual and collective growth.


P+ is a unified global process that involves every desk worker worldwide simultaneously, supported by a user-friendly digital interface.

The P+ Journey

When you join Prysmian, you’ll follow three P+ steps, rolled out annually to empower you:

Setting Expectations and Objectives

With your manager’s help and in line with the company’s strategy, you’ll start by setting your expectations and objectives.

Engaging in Feedback 

Experience a comprehensive feedback process facilitated by digital tools. In P+, feedback is vital for aligning expectations, receiving guidance, and gaining a clear understanding of your current state and future goals. We strive to amplify employee contributions to the organization's success. P+ enhances many feedback tools: instant feedback, continuous feedback and Mid-Year Review. This last one is a formal touchpoint to assess goals status and progress, identify areas of improvement and share congratulations on achievements reached.

Wrapping Up and Connecting Performance with Potential 

Last, at year end evaluations connect your performance with your potential, assessing your growth and development paths within the organization.

"We can only grow if we work together as a team: every person in this company matters and P+ will enable us to foster this collaborative culture and turn this vision into reality".

Massimo Battaini

Massimo Battaini

CEO of Prysmian


P+ supports Alice For Children

DEVELOP. GROW. THRIVE is not just our P+ motto.

It's our wish for many children in the outskirts of Nairobi, Kenya. We are proud to partner with Alice for Children, an NGO providing shelter and education to children in Korogocho. By building their school, we support them in enhancing their digital skills to develop, grow, and thrive for a bright future.


If you want to nurture your aspirations and talents, join us. 

We look forward to helping you develop, grow, and thrive within Prysmian.

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