P+ Performance and Development

Develop. Grow. Thrive

P+ is Prysmian Performance and Development process, dedicated to desk workers to let our people develop, grow and thrive. 

P+ stands out as a strategic key process that highlights the importance of value and merit both for employees and the organization, enhancing people’s contribution in reaching the organization’s success while spreading a culture based on mutual feedback, people development and own potential awareness.

Overall Performance vs. Potential

Every year, 8000+ eligible employees are assessed on their performance and potential focused on their growth and development.

P+ pillars. What makes our Performance Management Process unique.



It doesn’t matter if you are an entry level or a senior, the process involves all desk-workers worldwide, in the same way


People centricity, focus on employees' individual aspirations and motivation


Employee ownership in driving the process


Prysmian P+ is based on 3 steps rolling every year: it starts with setting the expectation and objectives between employees and managers according to the company's strategy, then it jumps into a terrific feedback experience (digital tools support conversations). Last, it closes with a wrapping up phase to connect employee performance with their potential to assess their growth and development within the organization, alongside their current level of performance.

"We can only grow if we work together as a team: every person in this company matters and P+ will enable us to foster this collaborative culture and turn this vision into reality".

Massimo Battaini

Massimo Battaini

CEO of Prysmian

P+ supports Alice For Children

Alice for Children is a dedicated NGO located in the outskirts of Nairobi, providing shelter and education to children who would otherwise face a life of destitution in the open-air dumps, devoid of employment opportunities or a promising future.

In 2024, Employees’ participation in P+ will contribute to the nurturing of their potential and the enhancement of their digital skills.

Thanks to a partnership with Alice for Children, Prysmian is helping to build a school. This initiative will provide children with education, enhance their digital skills, and encourage them to Develop, Grow & Thrive.

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