P+ Performance and Development

Develop. Grow. Thrive

P+: the new Performance and Development Process designed for all Prysmian People to let our people develop, grow and thrive.

P+ stands out as a strategic key process that highlights the importance of value and merit both for employees and the organization, enhancing people’s contribution in reaching the organization’s success while spreading a culture based on mutual feedback, people development and own potential awareness.

Overall Performance vs. Potential

All 8000+ eligible employees are assessed on their performance and potential with a focus on their growth and development.

P+ supports Alice For Children

Alice for Children is a dedicated NGO located in the outskirts of Nairobi, providing shelter and education to children who would otherwise face a life of destitution in the open-air dumps, devoid of employment opportunities or a promising future.

In 2024, Employees’ participation in P+ will contribute to the nurturing of their potential and the enhancement of their digital skills.

Thanks to a partnership with Alice for Children, Prysmian is helping to build a school. This initiative will provide children with education, enhance their digital skills, and encourage them to Develop, Grow & Thrive.

"We can only grow if we work together as a team: every person in this company matters and P+ will enable us to foster this collaborative culture and turn this vision into reality".

Massimo Battaini

Massimo Battaini

CEO of Prysmian

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