Looking Good: Prysmian Bus on the Roads of Schwerin

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The Prysmian Bus will be part of Schwerin’s public transport system for at least a year

02/10/2018 - 02:00 AM

Schwerin now has another eyecatcher to add to the palace, the Victory Column and the Pfaffenteich pond – Prysmian has sent a marine-blue advertising bus into local service, with the principle aim of clarification. For almost 60 years, Schwerin has been home to a cable factory that is very well known to the local population. However, almost nobody knows who actually owns the facility. The bus is out there to solve that riddle once and for all – the owner is Prysmian.

250 employees work at the Schwerin cable factory, producing mainly mid- and low-voltage cable for building installations, energy supply and industrial facilities. It makes around 60,000 metric tons of cable every year – equating to the weight of six Eiffel Towers. The factory was founded in 1960, with a workforce of 54 producing power cable, wire and shipping cable. In the 1970s, it was the second largest in the former GDR. Since then, the facility changed hands from Siemens AG to Pirelli Cavi e Sistemi S.p.A. until Prysmian ultimately acquired it in 2005.

However, the purpose of the bus is not solely to establish a link between the Schwerin cable factory and Prysmian, but also to attract future employees. Prysmian’s success is built on its workforce. And for this reason, the Schwerin factory is delighted to receive applications from qualified and motivated individuals. They have the opportunity to develop themselves in a wide variety of ways, handle projects with a high degree of autonomy and work in a stimulating environment. One factor supporting Prysmian’s strong record as an employer is its extremely high level of staff retention. This year, no fewer than ten employees are celebrating 40 years with the company in Schwerin alone.

Prysmian is deeply rooted in Schwerin and has been involved in social and welfare projects for many years. The company supports charitable societies and institutions, helping causes such as socially disadvantaged children. This year, Prysmian assisted a wide range of sports projects for children and young people. The company also provided financial support to the Outdoor Camp run by Schwerin’s police sports association (Polizeisportverein Schwerin e.V.), which nurtured the sense of community in 70 children growing up in children’s homes and challenging circumstances.

On the road: The Prysmian Bus will be part of Schwerin’s public transport system for at least a year. The company’s metallic representative is aimed at raising local awareness of Prysmian as a company and as an employer. Committed and enthusiastic people are always welcome.