#Prysmian4People to promote Diversity & Inclusion

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The success of D&I: living our Company Values.

Milan, Italy   -   25/03/2019 - 01:00 AM

Diversity and inclusion are key to determining how an organization is seen by applicants, interviewees, employees and other stakeholders.

So, let's start with some definitions:

Diversity: means that of all backgrounds, life experiences, preferences and beliefs are recognized and respected as individuals and valued for the different perspectives they bring.

Inclusion: means that are given equal opportunity to contribute to business success and their true selves, regardless of background.

A good D&I approach means moreover, starting from TRUST, one of our values, to move forward in line with the path taken by culture integration.

The transparency around diversity and inclusion will strengthen our employer brand with all stakeholders.

Since the most valuable asset is our people, last week Fabrizio Rutschmann, Chief HR Officer, Gian Luca Dellepiane, NA HR Director SVP and Angela Amodio, Group’s Diversity & Inclusion Manager, shared with about 130 US employees the Diversity & Inclusion Project “Side by Side”. The aim was to also share the new upcoming global initiatives, as well as understanding how the project will be deployed in North America with their ongoing support.

As a Multinational Company, we are proud to have diverse backgrounds and roots. Diversity & Inclusion is becoming part of our world, our way of living and working every day. We see many changes in the society that go in the direction of diversity and inclusion.  Our Group is dedicated and committed to promote diversity and inclusion across our workplaces worldwide, through the “Side by Side” project. We want a meritocratic organization, because we recognise diverse teams are able to think differently and to identify and catch new business opportunities, because ultimately fostering diversity is a value for the business and can push networking and entrepreneurship.

From this point of view, there are a lot of important opportunities in North America where there is a high interest and sensitivity to this kind of topic. The biggest challenge is attempting to find a common roadmap in such a large Region, where people may have different cultures, different backgrounds and needs in relation to diversity and inclusion. However, at the same time, this multi-cultural environment will make the implementation of “Side by Side” even more exciting and enriching.

“Side by Side” is a Global project with global guidelines and actions but we are starting in North America with a Regional Committee and a Regional Action Plan. We will also keep in place the positive actions and outcomes already started by General Cable in the past and endeavour to create one unique project.

“Diversity & Inclusion activities are in the hands of all the employees. Prysmian team members can help by providing ideas and promoting a listening culture but our everyday actions will have the power to run this journey”

as said Angela Amodio, Group’s Diversity & Inclusion Manager.

“Our North American region is rich in Diversity! We can achieve greatness by cultivating the strength that our differences bring.” said Cheryl Stevens, North America IT.