31 CEE Operators at the Group Manufacturing Academy

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The Operators that have completed the CEE Professional Manufacturing Training have celebrated their Graduation at the Manufacturing Academy in Mudanya - Turkey

21/12/2018 - 01:00 AM

125 trainings for a total of 239 people have been hosted at the Group Manufacturing Academy since January 2015, when it was officially opened. Moreover, on December 12, 2018, for the first time a group of 31 Shift Leaders and Operators coming from 11 factories in the CEE Countries was welcomed.

From May to September 2018, all of them attended the first edition of the CEE Professional Manufacturing Training “Build the Competencies”. They were trained on some key theoretical and practical contents that can also help them to progress in their career: Lean Manufacturing , Quality Systems and Industrial Efficiency. The training has been delivered in local languages and the plants in Germany, Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic and Slovakia have been part of it.

During the day at the Group Manufacturing Academy, they were involved in a plant tour, managed by the Mudanya Manufacturing Team together with 5 MAKE ITs that are based in the CEE Countries, who participated as local group leaders: Michal Kunes from Czech Republic, Zsombor Busku from Hungary, Peter Bober from Slovakia, Cornel Tudor Popescu from Romania and Arkadius Chmurczyk from Germany.

In addition, they had their official Graduation Ceremony, where they received their Diplomas and had speeches from Halil Kongur, Prysmian Group Turkey Factory Director and Chairman, Paolo Veggetti, Group Manufacturing Director, Carlos Fernandez, Industrial Director of the CEE Region and Ernesto Marzano, Global Head of Industrial Relations.

Paolo Veggetti underlined the value of this initiative and he addressed at the participants by saying: “Prysmian Group is investing a lot in human capital because Prysmian is YOU, it is US and, at the end, it is ONLY about people. We hope you can help us spreading this message also among the colleagues of ours who are not here with us today”.

Carlos Fernandez ended the Graduation Ceremony with this statement: “today is an important day for Prysmian Group, and specially for all of us, because we are closing the first training for Operators and Supervisors that we have done at regional level, by involving 5 different countries, 5 different languages, 5 different cultures”. He wanted to thank “the HR team in CEE, as well as all the other colleagues involved in writing the contents and delivering the training”. He said: “we have all done together a great job!”.