Prysmian's innovation at the IWCS Symposium

Florida, USA   -   09/10/2017 - 02:00 AM

Prysmian is taking part to the IWCS International Cable & Connectivity Symposium from October 8th to 11th in Orlando (Florida, USA), the premier venue for new technologies in cable and connectivity products, processes and applications.

This edition sees over 150 papers and presentations in 20 compelling sessions over three full days. In addition, a variety of strong professional development courses is offered, providing a great learning opportunity from renowned industry experts.

Important issues and economic trends facing the industry are addressed by expert speakers, followed by an interesting panel of industry CTO’s and leaders with their visions for “Telecommunications in 2025”. Marcelo Andrade, Vice President R & D, takes part as Prysmian Group’s representative: “The cable world, and the fibre one in particular, is changing rapidly with new technologies, applications and needs into the digital society. Hyper connectivity, video streaming, autonomous driving, virtual reality, smart home, convergence and more will dominate soon our life. How is Prysmian Group responding to all these changes and challenges? With new innovative products and customized solutions, like the high density cable solutions with flexible ribbon designs, Micromodules (Flextubes) and Multi Loose tube designs will reach densities well above 5f/sqmm.”

Also the attention to the sustainability of the solutions and to the environment becomes key: “Only user friendly in combination with environmentally safe solutions will be accepted. Speed and simplicity of infrastructure roll-outs will be key and will be addressed with preterminated and preconfigured solutions included hybrid.”

Prysmian will also receive the prestigious “Jack Spergel Memorial Award for Outstanding Technical Paper”, for the paper entitled “Solutions to Improve Optical Fiber Cables Flame Retardancy” written by Mauro Maritano, Paolo Marelli, Vito Scrima, Giacomo Colombo Serri, and Marta Garcia S. Emeterio. This prestigious award is given as a result of Experts from across the Industry selecting this paper as the best Technical Paper in the 2016 IWCS Symposium.

Prysmian is also present at the session on the “Next Generation Fiber Cable Design” with Jeff Barker, Director Telecom R & D North America, as chairperson, and has presented a series of technical papers to be discussed in seven different technical sessions. “The work done by our researchers who every day look for new innovation to improve the cable market and our business is always impressive. All the colleagues here at the Symposium is a recognition of the commitment all of us have for the company”, ends Andrade.

The papers presented by Prysmian at the IWCS Symposium are:

  • Low Smoke, Zero Halogen Tight-Buffer Breakout Cables Containing Radiation Tolerant, Full-Fluorine Doped, Graded Index Multimode Optical Fibers

          B.G. Risch, J. Rosko and R. Lovie, Prysmian Cables and Systems Telecommunications Americas, North Carolina, USA

  • ADSS Micromodule Cable Family for FTTx Applications

          M. Garcia and F. Rebanal, Prysmian Group Spain, Maliaño, Spain

  • Factorial Design Modeling & Process Optimization to Develop High Performance Dry Polypropylene Loose Tubes

          V.F. de Albuquerque, J.C.V. da Silva and D. de Souza, Prysmian Cabos e Sistems do Brasil S.A., São Paulo, Brazil

  • Long Term Response of Radiation Tolerant Multimode Optical Fiber Designs to Gamma Radiation Exposure

    J.Y. Kim, E. Quiroga, Y. Yang, A. Lakhia and G. Pickrell, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Virginia, USA; B.G. Risch, Prysmian Group, North Carolina, USA

  • Multi-Function Joint Closure

    L. Cavenaghi and I. Griffiths, Prysmian S.P.A., Milan, Italy

  • Dispersion Measurements in Few Mode Fibers

          A. Novick, B. Kose, J.M. Castro, R. Pimpinella, P. Huang, and B. Lane, Panduit Corp., Illinois, USA; J.E. Antonio-Lopez, J.C.A., Zacarias
         and R.A. Correa, University of Central Florida, Florida,  USA; M. Bigot-Astruc, D. Molin, A. Amezcua-Correa and P. Sillard, Prysmian
         Group, Haisnes, France

  • Multimode Fibers for Mode Division Multiplexing

          B. Risch, Prysmian Group, North Carolina, USA; and P. Sillard, D. Molin and M. Bigot-Astruc, Prysmian Group, Haisnes, France; K. de
          Jongh and F. Achten, Prysmian Group, Eindhoven, The Netherlands