Linking communications to communities

Prysmian presents a new movie dedicated to the Telecom business

HQ   -   19/10/2016 - 02:00 AM

Prysmian has recently released its new movie dedicated to the communications world, mainly focused on the Group’s centres of excellence, production sites, and other solutions that support the fast-growing global need for bandwidth, in densely and sparsely populated areas, data centres, and industries. 

A three-minute film on the topic of ‘Linking communication to communities’ explains how the world’s largest producer of copper and fibre cabling solution offers the right products and expertise for every system. 

The movie illustrates Prysmian’s values, range of products and applications for the Telecoms business, with an emphasis on the care for quality and the support the Group has always provided to its customers while working for the deployment of modern broadband networks. 


With a number of 3D animations and the most up-to-date technologies, the video presents the complete offer for the communications industry — through its three Business Units Fibre, MMS, Telecom Solution - with images showing how the Group provides cable solutions to support the development of the world’s telecoms infrastructure. These solutions bring together Prysmian’s extensive product range of cables and connectivity, together with all of the experience in network design and engineering to provide bespoke passive system solutions to meet every application. 

Thanks to its engineers’ experience and daily commitment to continuous research, Prysmian is able to generate constant innovation. Its products and solutions anticipate industries’ and people’s needs and, in the case of ultra-broadband infrastructure, allow the Group to be well ahead of the current regulatory framework in providing the most suitable suite of products to meet the targets of the Digital Agenda.