Intellectual Property of the Group

The best way to predict the future? Invent it

Protecting the portfolio of patents and trademarks is a key part of the Group’s business, particularly in relation to its strategy of growth in high-tech market segments. The Group filed new patent applications during the year, especially in segments with higher added value and in support of the significant investments made in recent years.

A total of 29 patent applications were filed during 2020, of which 11 relating to the Energy sector and 18 to the Telecom sector. In addition to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, the reduction in the number of new filings was also partly a natural effect of the merger of Prysmian and General Cable.

2023 numbers


patent application


of which relating to the Energy sector


of which relating to the Telecom sector

Prysmian, through its “open innovation” model, collaborates with Universities and other research centers, and therefore needs to protect the Group’s know-how from improper dissemination. The Intellectual Property Department makes sure that the legal rights and property of the results of these collaborations are owned by Prysmian.

Legal proceedings against competitors to protect R&D investments

In order to protect Prysmian's technology and investments against any unauthorized use of its patents and trademarks, the Group carries out constant monitoring of competitor activity. Infringement lawsuits related to the unauthorized use of Prysmian's property rights have been filed in various countries, both in the telecom and in the energy sector businesses.