Innovating to transform the world

Innovation is, and always will be, the cornerstone of our business

Our established expertise and vast research efforts have allowed us to deliver not only key technologies and superior performance to our customers, but also to continue to shape the future of the industry itself. We are able to enhance projects today by proposing new solutions that improve upon previously available technology and drive performance for tomorrow.

Focusing on high technology projects

Our engineers are passionate about what they do, whether it is developing a more sustainable material, adding more transmission capacity to a cable, or improving a production process in one of our 108 factories.

The R&D team has a patent portfolio of more than 5,600 key innovations, which not only represent technological advantages but also have a lower environmental impact than the solutions they replaced.

Here is just a selection of the breakthroughs that we have brought to the global market over the past few years:

«Thanks to the merger, we now have a comprehensive suite of materials, products and process wire and cable know-how. As the industry leader, we have the responsibility to shape the industry with innovations that will deliver on future energy and communication needs of our communities»
Srinivas Siripurapu
Senior VP and Chief R&D Officer
Prysmian Group


Our DTC methodology

Prysmian and General Cable both have a very rich history of successful development and commercialization of flagship products and well recognized brands in the wire and cable industry. The combined company now has the broadest product portfolio in this space to service customers in any part of the world. We worked on several ground-breaking product innovations in 2020. This section highlights those that are most significant from the point of view of sustainability.

We have continued to focus on new solutions to optimize costs via the Design to Cost (DTC) program, using better materials, efficient processes and innovative designs. This program has achieved in 2020 cost savings totaling more than Euro 42 million, with more than 1,800 projects completed at our manufacturing plants. These projects deliver improve productivity and lower materials consumption resulting in a lower environmental impact from our products.

Our DTC methodology