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Overblowing Of Mini-Cables Into A Reduced Diameter Sub-duct

Screening And Balance Performance Of Data Cables And Related Screen Designs

Peta-bit-per-second optical communications system using a standard cladding diameter 15-mode fiber

180µm-Coated Bend-Insensitive Fiber and Micro-Duct Cable

Advances in Few-Mode Fiber Design and Manufacturing

High-Spectral-Efficiency Mode-Multiplexed Transmission over Graded-Index Multimode Fiber

200Gb/s Transmission over 20km of FMF Fiber using Mode Group Multiplexing and Direct Detection

High-Speed Bi-Directional Transmission Over Multimode Fiber Link in IM/DD Systems

Low-Cost 100 Gbps Transport Solution Based on DCO-CFP and G.657.A2 Fibre for Long-Haul WDM Transmission

180 Gbps PAM4 VCSEL Transmission over 300m Wideband OM4 Fibre

WideBand OM4 Multi-Mode Fiber for Next-Generation 400Gbps Data Communications

Few-Mode Fibers for Mode-Division-Multiplexed Systems

Few-Mode Fiber for Uncoupled Mode-Division Multiplexing Transmissions

Reduced Diameter Optical Fiber and Cable

125µm glass diameter single-mode fiber with Aeff of 155µm²

Transmission of 96×100Gb/s with 23% Super-FEC Overhead over 11,680km, using Optical Spectral Engineering

Trench-Assisted Bend-Resistant OM4 Multi-Mode Fibers

Compensation of Chromatic Dispersion by Modal Dispersion in MMF- and VCSEL-Based Gigabit Ethernet Transmissions

All-Solid G.652.D Fiber with Ultra Low Bend Losses Down to 5 mm Bend Radius

Trench-Assisted Profiles for Large-Effective-Area Single-Mode Fibers

Transmission of 81 channels at 40Gbit/s over a Transpacific-Distance Erbium-only Link, using PDM-BPSK Modulation, Coherent Detection, and a new large effective area fibre.

Optimized Fiber For Terabit Transmission

Transmission of 125 WDM channels at 42.7 Gbit/s over a 12x100 km of TeraLight Ultra fibre

Next generation bend-insensitive SMF for Ftth networks


German HVDC cable project Brochure

German HVDC cable project A-Nord Datasheet

German HVDC cable project Suedlink Datasheet

German HVDC cable project SuedOstLink Datasheet

Pry-Cam for data driven power