Our first Value: DRIVE

Introducing our first value: DRIVE

What is a Company made of? Every organization is made of People: individuals with their own history, background, culture, experience. Each one of them plays an essential role in achieving the Company purpose, together.


In Prysmian Group People are our most valuable asset. Our success is built on them.

Our new values aim to where we want to be and how we want to work together.

We want to DRIVE the industry evolution as the world leaders, this means that we will combine our ability to develop our people, our business, and our company in a clear direction while anticipating customer needs.


"We have to be empathic. If we're able to understand what the customer needs and demands really are, we can fulfill the wishes and we can be the best cable partner for them."

Rob Van Veen -  Vice President E&I

"There is often a blurred line between product development and innovation. My personal belief is true innovation is when you come up with something new, something that is patentable."

Ian Griffiths - Global R&D Director - Telecom

"Prysmian Group is made of different people from different countries, from different experiences. Putting all these people together and giving them a clear direction, a clear strategy of how to work together, where to go… doing that you bring all the people together."

Laurent Garny - Operations Director

"Leadership means to be open minded and have a listening ear"

Laurie Sayed - Director of Global Internal Audit

Forward thinking and a strong customer orientation is what ultimately lies behind our first value DRIVE.

By forward thinking, we firmly believe that we must be strategic envisioning the future.

By customer orientation, we are focused on developing strong relationships with customers, listening to them and providing them with the best service.



We will ensure our Company a great today and a brilliant future!