Introducing our second Value: TRUST

Introducing our second Value: TRUST

Introducing our second Value: TRUST

Our values represent different assets that we want to improve together with our People, in order to reach our Company goals for the future.


TRUST is something we create everyday. We believe in empowering our People to choose and be recognized for their own results.


"Having everybody involved, never dismissing an idea, let everybody speak and take the best of everything you hear from everybody"

Ian Griffiths - Global R&D Director – Telecom

"It means you are an authentic person. If you have integrity you are transparent in the things you do"

Anke Brouwer - HR Director The Netherlands

"For me as a woman, black engineer, it’s important to work in an environment where I can feel appreciated, and work with a group of peers that have similar values in reverse of diversity"

Brittney Krajny - Team Lead for Materials Development – R&D, Indianapolis​​​​​​​


We want to create an environment of trust, that exploits diversity and collaboration, where people are empowered to make decisions with integrity.

What TRUST means to us, is to collaborate with cooperative spirit and mutual respect, to always encourage our colleagues and to share knowledge. We know our people can choose with honesty and strong principles, that’s why we put our trust in them.

It’s crucial for us to start working on the Company we want to be: a Company made of People with different experiences, backgrounds and cultures that trust each other.