Google Fiber launches 5 Gig and 8 Gig speed tiers

Two years ago, Google Fiber was the first ISP to offer a widely accessible multi-gig product with 2 Gig. This was aimed at “gamers and power streamers”. New 5-Gig and 8-Gig tiers focus on ‘heavier users’ such as “creative professionals, people working in the cloud or with large data, and households with large shared internet demands. People who create and utilize large files need the ability to transfer them efficiently.

As other ISP have started introducing multi-Gbps speed offerings, this step places Google Fiber firmly in the lead. In an earlier statement, Dinesh Jain, CEO of Access, The Alphabet subsidiary that runs Google Fiber, explained: “A fiber network alone will no longer be the differentiating factor it once was for internet providers. The unique selling points will be how that network is built to deliver symmetrical multi-gig speed at accessible pricing — all with a focus on enabling service that takes advantage of that speed not just to the home but in the home, as well.

The new, faster current speed options ones won't come with data caps or long-term contracts - just like the existing (multi-)Gbit connections, explains Amalia O’Sullivan, Director of Product Management. “We believe that customers should also have access to these fast speeds and increased bandwidth at accessible prices without contracts, data caps or installation fees, and we’re committed to making that happen. 5 Gig will make it easier to upload and download simultaneously, no matter the file size. And 8 Gig will make sure that everything you are doing online is happening in near real time (without jitter and with low latency).” Under ideal circumstances, a 150 GB download takes that would take 11 minutes at 2 Gbps could be downloaded in less than three minutes using 8 Gbps.

The November 2022 OpenVault Broadband Insights report shows ongoing growth in gigabit tier adoption and migration of subscribers to speeds of 200 Mbps or higher. 15% of subscribers were on gigabit tier plans in Q3 2022, 35% more than in Q3 2021. As incredible as 5 and 8 Gbit may seem, the Google Fiber Connect blog recently mentioned that employees were testing a symmetrical service with downstream speeds of >20 Gbps…

A recent successful 20.2 gig download in Kansas City on the Google Fiber network
A recent successful 20.2 gig download in Kansas City on the Google Fiber network