This product family has been designed for indoor and outdoor applications, including street cabinets, pedestals and racks. 
These products are generally tailor-made with different design and technical parameters, based on customers’ needs, and can contain up to 432 optical fibres. 
They are available with different types of cables (ribbon, Flextube or loose tube), armoured or dielectric. 

Distribution Assemblies

Distribution assemblies are used for indoor applications in buildings and central offices. These cables utilise a 900 μm tight buffer jacket and are available in the plenum or riser versions, with a fibre count from 24 up to 432 and different cable sizes. These assemblies are also available with different cables (ribbon, FlexRibbon or LT), armoured or not armoured, with different configurations based on customers.

Outside Plant Fibre Assemblies

Outside Plant Fibre assemblies are used in a variety of applications including DLC cabinets, PON cabinets, cross-connect cabinets and fibre termination panels. Standard OSP cables are used and the terminated end of the assembly is up-jacketed with either 900 μm or 2 mm tubing. The assembly is then terminated with the required connectors. Fibre count can be from 12 to 432 fibers. 

Breakout Assemblies

Breakout assemblies are suitable for low- to mid-fibre count applications up to 144 fibres, generally  in challenging indoor and outdoor environments. Common uses include manufacturing areas, unprotected communication closets and small central offices. Different configurations are available, including in terms of diameters, fibre types and connectors