High performance preconnectorisations of optical cables are a crucial factor in ensuring that any network performs at the highest level. Prysmian offers an extensive range of optical patch cords and pigtails for use in FTTx, telecommunications, data communications and CATV applications.

Fibre Optic Patch Cords & Jumper Cables

Prysmian offers an extensive range of optical patch cords and pigtails fully qualified to Telcordia GR326 and IEC 61300 and fully made with materials that are RoHS compliant. Patch cords can be supplied in a variety of lengths and with several different connector types. Different fibre types and cable diameters are also available on request. Hybrid patch cords and CPR-compliant cables with different connector types on each end are also available.

FTTH Fibre Drop Cable Assemblies

HFOC (Hardened Fibre Optical Connector) Drop cable assemblies are available in various lengths and with several cable designs to suit the local market. The drop cable is single fibre and is terminated at one end with an SC/AP connector. This connector is housed in a shroud and has a pulling eye to support installation. The terminated end can be secured into the Casalink Block Terminal (CBT), while the other end is spliced at the customer premises. In addition to buying pre-terminated CBT drop cables, you can also buy a termination kit that provides all the components for on-site termination. Drop cables can also be assembled with different Hardened Fiber Optical connectors.

MPO Assemblies

MPO assemblies are multi-fiber cables terminated with multi-fiber connectors (12/24/36 fibers). These cables can be used for indoor applications. MPO terminations offer great plug-and-play solutions. Using MPO multi-fiber assemblies can eliminate termination and splicing in the field, reducing deployment costs. MPO assemblies offer a very high-density solution that reduces the network’s overall footprint, which is especially beneficial in central office, head-end and data centre locations.

Preco Kits (outdoor/indoor)

Preco Kits (outdoor / indoor) are used for FTTH applications. An LFR preco kit is the last part of the passive optical network connecting end users. They consist of a certain amount of indoor or outdoor pre-terminated drop cable integrated into a Customer Termination Box (CTB). The CTB and the related amount of cable are supplied in a cardboard box equipped with a reel. The drop cable is simply pulled out of the cardboard box for a simple and effective field installation at the customer premises. The LFC Preco Kits packaging is made with 100% cardboard, meaning that it can be completely recycled after use.