MDU Basement Boxes



Prysmian Group offers a wide range of MDU basement boxes. They are usually installed inside a building, in the basement (underground) floor. 
One of the main function of an MDU basement box is to allow to change the structure of the cable(s) buried inside the building from an HDPE sheathed cable to an LSOH sheathed cable; this ensures a safe cabling system inside the building. These boxes are also the last point of the network where splitter modules are installed for a PON network. 

Modular Distribution Boxes

The Modular Distribution Box is an indoor wall box, particularly adapted for FTTH building (MDU) cabling. The MDB allows the connection, through patch panels or directly by splices, between the optical cables feeding the MDU and the optical cables coming from the external network. According to the MDU configuration, several modules can be set on top of each other to form an assembly suitable for up to 144 customer connections. 

Internal Splitter Node Boxes

The internal splitter node box is a wall-mounted product used for distributing fibres to customer drop cables. The unit can accommodate input cables (butt or in-line) for connection to a 32-way splitter device. Up to 32 drop cables of 3-6mm in diameter can be spliced to the output splitter legs and distributed from the box. Drop cable ports are provided on both the top and bottom faces of the box, while top and bottom manifolds provide easy routing of fibres within the unit. The splitter node is supplied with a 1x32-way splitter device pre-fitted, with the input and output legs already routed to the splice trays. Customers have their own individual splice tray that can house up to four splices. The unit is supplied with 32 single-circuit trays, a splitter input tray and three single-element trays for spare or pass-through fibres.