Prysmian Group offers wall boxes for all applications in an FTTH Network, to be installed either indoor or outdoor. According the FMS required, products are designed for splicing only or splicing/patching solutions. Most of the boxes can be equipped with splitter modules. Customer Termination Boxes (CTBs) can be supplied with a pre-terminated cable, pre-fitted at the factory. 

Riser Box Multi Trays (RBMTs)

The Riser Box Multi Tray (RBMT) is designed for use within apartment blocks and mid/high-rise office buildings. The unit houses either eight splice trays or 4 splice trays and a module storage area. Each splice tray is able to accommodate 8 fibre splices. An in-line cable entry port enables the box to be installed onto an in-line riser cable and up to 24 drop ports are available for drop cables of up to 5mm in diameter. The inner tray module can be moved from left to right enabling the riser cable to be installed into the box on either the left- or right-hand side. 


It allows splicing from in-line or butt cables to customer drop cables. Suitable for two butt or one in-line cable of up to 15mm in diameter. In-line cables enter the unit on the left-hand side. 24 drop cables (OD 5 mm) can be spliced. Drop cables exit the unit from the bottom. The drop cable entries are suitable for cables or tubes from 2.5 to 5 mm in diameter. Up to 8 pre-connectorised drop cables can be accommodated using SC type connectors.  Up to 12 fusion splices can be accommodated into each splice tray. 


The Compact Distribution Point 8 (CDP-8) is designed for use within apartment blocks and mid/high-rise office buildings. The CDP-8 has a splicing area on the base and a patching area on the rotating panel. The splice area is able to accommodate 8 fibre splices. The patch panel can accommodate 8 SC/APC adaptors. The CDP-8 can accept 8 SC/APC pigtails or one 1/8 (or two 1/4) SC/APC pre-terminated splitter(s). The cable entry port is suitable for an in-line riser cable with extractable fibre modules. 


The Casalink Single Drop Terminal (CSDT) is a wall/pole mounted product used for splicing up to 2 fibres and one customer drop cable. The box is supplied with one cable entry seal and one cable exit seal that can be used to knock out ports on the bottom face (left or right) or on the back for wall applications. The CSDT can  accommodate 4.3x8.3mm flat input cables and round input cables with an OD up to 5mm. Input cables can be pre-terminated with SC/APC connectors (with shroud, like in CTBs, or without) or HFOC (Hardened Fiber Optic Connector) or they can be spliced in the splice tray. The box can be mounted on a wall with the included fastening material. The box is available in the splicing/patching or patching only configuration. 


A wide range of Customer Termination Boxes (CTB) is available. The CTBs are designed to be used in residential and business applications for the termination of up to four optical fibres. The wall box enables the termination of a customer drop cable onto SC/APC type pigtails and adapters. The unit is supplied with a fixing bracket for mounting it directly onto a wall or in a DIN rail. The unit can be supplied with pigtails and adapters pre-installed or with reel containing a certain amount of cable pre-installed.