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Prysmian Cable App – the professionals’ pocket toolkit

The Prysmian Cable App is the digital pocket toolkit for electrical professionals. Whether it’s for installers on site or electrical engineers in the office, the app helps users find the best cable solution for their next project and installation. And, unlike other apps, Cable App accurately calculates and determines solutions across a wide range of products, including buried steel wire armoured cable. Furthermore, it also measures the cost savings and possible environmental impact of a user’s chosen solution.

Once logged in to the app, you’ll find technical documentation, comprehensively illustrated with photographs and imagery, direct links to product datasheets, and additional features including news and videos related to the world of electrical installation.

CableApp and sustainability

The environment and energy savings must be a priority in every installation. In a moment in which energy prices are soaring across the world and taking care of the environment is a must, counting on tools that help you calculate your energy savings and the reduction in CO2 emissions is key.

Prysmian Group’s CableApp not only calculates the size of the cable for your installation, it also calculates the total savings on the energy bill and annual CO2 emissions.

Moreover, CableApp also advices a larger cross-section, translating into less energy waste (or loss). Using larger cross sections can be profitable and ecological at the same time! “This message is not new, the cross-section increases with respect to those obtained technically are a great deal, especially in these times of soaring electricity rates. We know that cutting the energy lost in the form of heat in the lines has been very profitable and is especially significant in small cable sizes” – Lisardo Recio, Product Manager Prysmian Group Spain.

CableApp – The professional way to choose the right cable


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