Low and Medium Voltage Network Components


Accessories play a vital role in a power system. Prysmian has gained expertise in the design, manufacture, testing and installation of products across all voltages during many years of partnership with customers. The Group’s very long and successful experience in Low & Medium Voltage cable systems has led to the development of a comprehensive range of LV & MV accessories. The range includes joints (also transition, trifurcating and branch joints), terminations (both for indoor and outdoor use), connectors, separable connectors, glands, cleats and fixings, low voltage link boxes, tooling and resins. Prysmian provides also engineering services capable of fulfilling any power system specification or requirement and of delivering customised solutions.

Low & medium voltage accessories and components

Our cables and accessories are the backbone of reliable and high performing equipment, with trusted performance under all stresses linked to harsh environments - from electrical, physical and mechanical to torsion, bending, radiation and more.


Cleats and resin for LV applications

The comprehensive portfolio of accessories offered by Prysmian Group, includes two key product families for LV applications: cleats and resin compound. Prysmian cleats are not just components used to simply fix or support cable structures, their role is much more important. The restricting action of cleats protects costly devices installed within a system (e.g. in windfarm applications), preventing them from being damaged by unlikely cable failures or short circuits hence avoiding troublesome system shutdowns. Prysmian’s variety of resin compounds enables customers to provide any of their devices with enhanced mechanical protection; whether they want to bury a joint, or fill a link box with a reliable, low viscosity isocyanate free material, there will always be a resin of their choice.



ElaspeedTM joints utilize cold shrink EPDM technology and are widely recognized as the leading edge “delivery system” for Medium Voltage cable accessories. It’s a simple, robust, reliable, user- friendly, safe and flexible solution. No special tools or torches are required. Cold shrinking the joint ensures concentric accessory recovery. Even in tight installation spaces, Elaspeed™ joints recover to give consistent insulation wall thickness. Its flexible design allows to offer straight joint, transition joint, branch joint and stop ends solution s for one-core and three core cables. Developed at the end of 1994, more than 3 million of pieces have been installed. High reliability is guaranteed and confirmed by an excellent track record.