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Prysmian Group: Smart Grid

At Prysmian, we know that the architecture of smart grids is key

Cutting-edge, high quality cables and grid components not only enhance grid reliability and efficiency, but they can prevent blackouts and reduce overall maintenance costs. Moreover, when the right solutions are deployed, you can better exploit the potential of a grid, allowing far-sighted asset management.

Prysmian cables are produced with environmental sustainability in mind, using fully recyclable materials that help our customers achieve a low carbon footprint.

We understand the challenges associated with smart grids so we go beyond the traditional cable offering to provide our customers – mainly grid owners and network operators – with comprehensive solutions and services that meet new grid requirements for renewable energy, energy efficiency and carbon-footprint reduction and services, and maximise grid efficiency.

Our range of solutions is amongst the most innovative and advanced currently on the market. And it’s always expanding in-line with your needs.

We have developed a complete range of intelligent systems to monitor a grid's capability to perform its core function, namely energy transportation and distribution. 

These cutting-edge solutions work seamlessly with both new and existing frameworks, for example:


An integrated portable instrument for the automatic acquisition, processing and classification of pulse signals generated by Partial Discharge (PD) phenomena occurring in insulating materials of medium- and high-voltage electrical systems and components such as transformers, electrical machines, cables, GIS, etc. The system allows accurate diagnostic measurements and continuous monitoring.

Information about the condition and the reliability of grid components is a vital issue for a correct asset management strategy.

We have developed an advanced system of tracking grid components that guarantees a real saving in maintenance expenses, for example:


A solution based on labels containing product details on an RFID chip and on a Bidi Code. By applying this smart label to grid components an accurate history of the assets can be tracked both for new and old components.

Both at the manufacturing stage and when they operate within a grid, the carbon footprint of grid components must be evaluated.

We have made environmental and territorial protection a key part of our business objectives. Products are designed and created in compliance with international industry standards and with the goal of improving environmental performance, cutting the use of harmful substances, reducing pollution and improving recyclability. For example:


The first eco-sustainable MV cable for electrical grids. The ideal solution for delivering enhanced grid reliability whilst enjoying operational and environmental benefits. P-Laser is a technology platform enabling the production of 100% eco-friendly thermoplastic and fully recyclable cables.

Smart grid services

Alongside our solutions, we also offer a comprehensive range of smart grid services to ensure optimal asset performance.

We provide the following three PFT services for modern fluid-filled cable maintenance:

  • injection of PFT Tracers
  • detection of PFT: thanks to an advanced mobile laboratory, synchronised with a GPS system, the background levels of perfluorocarbon in the atmosphere are detected by localising the leakages
  • repair of the leak thanks to advanced equipment and know –how.

Fluid-filled cable operators can benefit from this advanced technology by having the opportunity to:

  • extend the useful life of fluid-filled cable systems
  • facilitate maintenance
  • reduce the environmental impact caused by cable fluid leakage.

When it comes to network design, we can additionally offer support regarding:

  • Load flow assessment
  • Optimal power flow design
  • Technical assessment
  • Financial assessment
  • Feasibility studies benefits
  • Optimal solution
  • Optimal exploitation

Emergency services

• 24h/7d Availability
• Fault Location
• Repair
• Emergency Caps
• Spare Parts Stock


• Reduced Unplanned Outages Time



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