Downhole Technology Solutions


Integrated solutions for the toughest downhole applications

Prysmian Downhole Technology meets all your needs with an unequalled range of Downhole Cables, Protectors, Control Lines, Flatpacks, Services and Ancilliaries.
The product portfolio is supported with unrivalled design expertise and a global manufacturing capability. Prysmian Downhole Technology: Integrated solutions for the toughest downhole applications.


Integrated solutions for the toughest downhole applications

PDT is uniquely positioned to offer solutions to all your downhole needs.

Formed by the integration of two industries pioneers, Draka - who developed the world's first tubing encapsulated cable (TEC) over thirty years ago - and Gulf Coast Downhole Technologies (GCDT) - who specialise in meeting the challenges of the operator and oil field service companies - PDT has the products, design expertise and manufacturing capabilities to meet applications ranging from conventional systems to the most demanding applications.

The Prysmian Downhole Cable portfolio is the result of decades of innovation since the company developed the world’s first Tubing Encapsulated Cable (TEC) in 1987.

Product Range

PDT can meet your downhole cabling needs with a range of fit-for-purpose designs that are manufactured to the highest possible standards. The portfolio includes:

The TEC Instrumentation and Power Cables range includes cables designed to carry data or supply power to a wide range of downhole instrumentation, sensors and electrically powered equipment. PDT’s instrumentation and power cables are manufactured and tested to the highest possible quality standards to make sure they meet the rigours of downhole operation. Cables are available in tube diameters from 1/8” - 5/8” with a range of wall thicknesses and can be manufactured in stainless steel or nickel alloy.

The TEF Fibre Optic Cables range includes cables for applications including distributed temperature sensing (DTS), pressure, flow, strain measurement and acoustic sensing. PDT’s hydrogen-insensitive fibre optic cables are designed to withstand extreme temperatures (-150 °C to +300 °C) so they can be deployed in the harshest of environments, including those found in arctic or deep subsea applications. PDT’s fibre optic cables are manufactured to meet the specific needs of an application. Our design team will work with you to specify key parameters including optical fibre type, filler gel, diameter, thickness and tube material to make sure the cable design is optimized for the application and operating environment.

The Hybrid Cables range includes cables where instrument, power and/or fibre optic cables are combined in a single package to eliminate the need for multiple cables or space in the wellhead. The Prysmian Downhole Technology team can recommend a design to meet an application’s operating parameters and required surface and downhole interfaces. Additionally, we offer a custom design service to cater for situations where a standard design does not meet the specific needs of an application.

PDT’s Protector portfolio includes clamping and cable protection solutions to protect cables from lateral, axial, and rotational loading in downhole applications. Our cross-coupling and specialty protector designs incorporate enhanced features including; interlocking strap and body; central pillars; captivated fasteners that eliminate risks from loose parts; pre-engaged fasteners; high tensile fixtures; and corrosion protection. In addition to our standard range, PDT designs application specific solutions for demanding situations, such as: open hole applications; ESP applications; perforating gun orientation; tight clearances; thermal isolation; low coefficient of friction requirements; dual strings; splice and gauge protection.

This range includes cables designed for use in harsh environments such as those created by chemical injection or well monitoring and other applications where strength, corrosion resistance and reliability are essential. PDT’s control lines are manufactured and tested to meet or exceed ASTM requirements. Control Lines are available from 1/8” to 5/8” with a range of wall thicknesses in austenitic stainless steel, nickel-based alloy or duplex stainless-steel tubing.

This range is designed to simplify installation and reduce the number of installation spooler units required during well completion. PDT Flatpacks are available in a wide range of configurations with options of single pass encapsulation and dual pass encapsulation for added protection. Individual components and tubes can be colour coded and custom printed for immediate identification and if additional crush resistance is needed, bumper bars and /or wire rope can be specified.

The standard Prysmian Downhole Technology flatpack design uses the patented Safety-Strip® encapsulation. A continuous tear cord is incorporated into the encapsulation to allow safe and fast removal of the outer jacket without the risk of damage to the underlying tube and significantly improves operator safety, by eliminating the need to use open blades or similar mechanical devices to strip the cable.

To support the successful installation and operation of PDT’s products, a range of services and Ancillaries are available:

SERVICES: NAS/SAE Hydraulic Fluid Services; Flush & Fill Services; Fluid Cleanliness Inspection; Cable End Preparation; Junction Box installation/termination; Cable and Control Line Refurbishment; Respooling; Electrical Testing; Inspection; Line Disposal; Pressure Testing; System Interface Testing. PDT can ensure the proper fit and function of downhole cable protectors with the associated cables using our in-house testing equipment.

ACCESSORIES: Custom Spools; Shipping Skids design to meet a customer’s specific requirements; Hydraulic and Electrical Splices