Sectorflex® - type cables


Sectorflex® type cables

Installation and cable handling on a platform (topside) or on a ship (FPSO) is always challenging due to issues with weight and constraints on space. This proves particularly true when it comes to cables with larger conductors.

In a constant effort to provide added value to end users and operators, Sectorflex® is an innovative solution and the result of the synergies and combined capabilities of the Prysmian Group and General Cable R&D teams developed to address these challenges.

What is Sectorflex®?

Sectorflex® is a patented conductor design. LV cables using Sectorflex® conductor design have flexible conductors in sections equal to and above 50 mm2 that are sector-shaped but return to a circular shape when the insulation is stripped.

Sectorflex®-type cables feature improved bending radius and longer drum lengths.

Among the many advantages they offer, Sectorflex®- type cables are smaller in diameter, lighter, easier to handle and install, compatible with conventional terminations and accessories, and, most of all, with the same electrical performance.

They are available both with Class 2 or Class 5 DC resistance as per customer needs.


  • Smaller diameter
  • Lighter weight
  • Improved bending radius, easier handling and installation
  • Longer drum lengths
  • Use of conventional terminations and accessories
  • Same cross-section, same electrical performance as round-shaped conductors
  • More sustainable