Our TECSUN family is intended for use in photovoltaic power supply systems as free-movable, free-hanging flexible cables for a temperature range from -40°C up to +120°C and under all environmental conditions.



Prysmian TECSUN PV cables are ideal for use in photovoltaic power supply systems, both indoors and/or outdoors, in industrial and agricultural fields, in equipment with protective insulation (Protecting Class II) and in hazardous explosion areas. They can be either fixedly installed, freely suspended or remain movable. Installation in cable trays, conduits, on and within walls is also achievable.

Successfully present in the market since 2003, TECSUN cables are a synonym of quality, safety and reliability. More than 1.000.000 km of cables have been produced in Germany and installed around the globe under various climatic conditions, without receiving any technical warranty claim.

Prysmian TECSUN PV cables are fully compliant to the relevant industry standards, and recognised by TÜV, and it is the only solar cable certified by VDE according to EN 50618.

The cross-linked LSOH rubber compounds, used for insulation and outer sheath, are mechanically robust and resistant to chemicals (such as alkaline, acid and ammonia). They can withstand extreme climatic conditions, such as low and high temperatures, UV and ozone effect, and long-term immersion in water. In addition to the European and international standards’ requirements, TECSUN PV cables have overperforming features, such as abrasion, ammonia and oil resistance, increased lifetime and suitability for direct burial.