Linking safety and stability in landmark structures

Today, Draka Elevator’s specially engineered cables are deployed in some of the world’s tallest and most iconic man-made structures – delivering speed and safety where they’re needed most.
Using over 35 years of experience in the industry, we have built a global reputation for providing high-quality, innovative components essential to effective elevator operation.
Our extensive product inventory of over 7,000 components includes compensation, travelling and hoistway cables, wireway, wire rope and accessories, tools, maintenance and safety equipment and more.

World-class products, delivered locally

Our goal is to provide our customers with the best solutions to ensure optimal elevator operation.

We offer the widest selection of the newest products, acting as both manufacturer and distributor not only for our own products, but for a wealth of essential parts and devices made by other companies.

Manufactured globally, our products are delivered swiftly and efficiently wherever our customers are, with support from our sophisticated distribution and logistics networks.

Partnerships built on trust

We strive to exceed your expectations. We listen to you, learn more about your business and then work with you to produce solutions that meet all your individual requirements, no matter how challenging.

We are constantly developing new products and services that provide increased flexibility, support and enhanced performance for your projects.

With our core values of integrity and excellence, fueled by our entrepreneurial spirit, it’s no wonder we have built lasting relationships with some of the biggest names in the industry.

Quality products, customized service

We offer a unique lifetime warranty on our Super-Flex® and Whisper-Flex® elevator cables. Why? Because these cables are manufactured to the highest quality standards in the world, including NEC/CEC, UL, CSA, IEC, CCC (China) and EN fire and safety requirements.

We work on a local level, to produce individual customer kits’ that hold every component needed for an installation, and schedule them to arrive just when they are required.

It’s this local focus that puts us at the heart of cable innovation.

Inside Elevator

The amount and content of elevator communications (requiring high-resolution video surveillance, telephony, control signals, audio, advertising video boards, and more) is ever increasing. When it comes to connecting all these IP devices to a traveling cable, you now have options.
With the use of converters or interface modules you can get Ethernet connectivity to the elevator cabin. Solutions include fiber optic cables, specially designed Cat5e equivalent twisted pairs and two wire Ethernet converters. Turn to Draka Elevator to help match your specific LAN/Ethernet requirements with the right traveling cable solution.
Draka’s limit switches are used in a wide variety of elevator and escalator applications and are manufactured to meet a wide range of international quality and safety standards. They are highly resistant to dust and liquids (IP65 rated) and are offered with a wide range of actuator configurations.
Draka Elevator has been making elevator travelling cables over 100 years and supplying wireway for over 35 years – now we warranty them for even longer.


We’ve stamped a lifetime warranty on our Super-Flex® round traveling cables, Super-Duct® hoistway cables, Whisper-Flex® and Steadi-Flex® compensation cables and metal wireway. (Note: this lifetime warranty does not apply to non-standard and rope lay cable constructions).

Our hot-dipped, mill-galvanized wireway products are manufactured in the United States and come protected by a lifetime warranty, so you can be sure they’ll protect for years to come.
We also offer a full range of electrical accessories – fittings, connectors, couplings, boxes and more – that we make sure are manufactured to the highest quality and are a perfect match for our wireways.

Draka Elevator offers a wide range of wireway and other electrical conveyance. Code-compliant wireway, EMT, flex, fittings and boxes are available.

We provide a complete complement of wire rope of different types, grades, diameters, and loads. Simply put, if there’s a specific type of rope you’re looking for, we can find it. Draka Elevator distributes ropes from several manufacturers around the world (availability may vary by region). Draka Elevator also carries all the accessories you need to work with and install your wire rope, from wedge sockets to lubricators, tensioners, calipers and the most sophisticated load weighing devices available.


We also offer lifetime warranted Whisper-Flex® and Steadi-Flex compensation cables (as well as QuietLink II compensation cables) for smooth, economical and quiet compensation.

Draka Elevator can serve as your one-stop shop for the rapidly expanding array of technological components used in both the hoistway and the control room.
Seismic and hydraulic sensors, car signal and door components – we stay on top of everything that’s out there, so you can count on getting everything you need right here. In addition, we assemble “intelligent kits” for specific applications that come complete and ready for installation; we’ll even create custom kits for your individual requirements.
Draka Elevator searches the world to bring you electronic, hydraulic and mechanical components that help elevators run with optimum safety and efficiency.
Strippers, peelers, bits, blades, benders, burnishers – the list goes on and on. Whatever the job calls for, in any part of the hoistway or car, we’ll make sure you have what you need to get the job done.
In fact, we consider tools and hardware to be an essential part of the job, so we proactively make sure to offer them as part of the total package whenever you place an order.
Draka Elevator carries a range of specialty tools just for the elevator craftsman. Our selection of fastening and electrical hardware answers the needs of the same.
Draka Elevator engineers can design products and systems to meet your specific requirements.
Special constructions – cables with custom configurations of power conductors, shielded twisted pair communication cables, coaxial CCTV video or fiber optic subunits and zero-halogen constructions are available. Minimum quantities may apply.
You can count on Draka Elevator for a wide selection of maintenance and safety products for elevator maintenance and repair. Our extensive line of maintenance and safety products include LED cab lighting, inspection stations and stop switches, pendant stations, top of car safety rails, hoistway safety systems, safety barricades, grips and signage, governors, door gibs, alarms, spirators, exhaust fans and more. Turn to Draka Elevator for all your maintenance and safety product needs.
Draka Elevator’s Connectorization Services can result in a faster, low-cost installation.
According to your specifications, hoistway and traveling cables can be transformed into plug-and-play wiring harnesses fitted with modular connectors that simply snap into place in the field.
Connectorization ensures that cables and harnesses are quickly, easily and accurately installed. Color-coded connectors assure positive circuit identification. All connectorized cable products are 100% post-fabrication tested for total customer satisfaction.
For best results, send an engineering drawing of the connectorized cable/harness and/or a sample of the harness. You will be given a quote and a lead-time, followed with a finished sample (upon request) for your inspection.
Another convenient time and money-saving service we offer is matching our cables with electrical and mechanical components – including hand tools, should you request them – and packaging them together into convenient installation kits.
Cables are cut to length and small components are packed in sealed plastic bags so as not to get lost. This ensures all the cables and components needed for a complete, safe installation arrive on site according to your schedule.


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