Prysmian takes a step forward in its climate change commitment

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The Group improves to “A-” score in CDP (carbon disclosure project) ranking -22,1% in scope 1&2 emissions (2021 vs 2019); first time scope 3 disclosure -3% energy consumptionFocus on more sustainable energy mix and SF6 removal

Milan, Italy   -   14/12/2022 - 04:23 PM

Prysmian Group, world leader in the energy and telecom cable systems industry, increases to ‘A-’ (by moving from a 2021 B level) its score in CDP Carbon Disclosure Project climate change 2022 ranking. The acknowledgement recognizes the important step forward in promoting decarbonization throughout the entire value chain and confirms its leading role in the fight against climate change as well as transparency.

Within the “climate change ambition” commitment, the group has launched several initiatives in recent years, which are beginning to have a real impact in its path to decarbonisation. In 2021 Prysmian recorded a -22,1% in Scope 1&2 emission thanks to strong focus based on reducing consumption, electrification and the use of renewable energy. Still in 2021 Prysmian published for the first time the calculation of its Scope 3 emissions engaging in a comprehensive calculation of emissions related to the entire value chain.

In 2021 Prysmian recorded a reduction by 3% in energy consumption despite the acquisition of 4 new production sites through focused actions (e.g. LED lights, biomass boilers, replacement of old machinery vs more efficient ones). The company has also installed several solar farms in its factories and aims to expand the amount of self-generated energy with renewables significantly in the coming years.

“Climate is the most urgent pillar of sustainability and we must deliver results quickly in order to guarantee a better future for next generations. The A- ranking in the CDP Questionnaire confirms that we are on the right path in the decarbonization process and that our commitments are solid and recognized. The recent confirmation of Prysmian in the DJ World Index and the excellent results achieved further confirms how Sustainability represents a key priority for the group” stated Maria Cristina Bifulco, Chief Sustainability Officer and Investor Relations Vice President Prysmian Group.

Prysmian Group launched its Climate Change and Social Ambition in 2021, which aims to make the Group one of the leading technological players in the transition to low carbon energy and decarbonize its operation by 2035 (Scope 1 and 2) and be net-zero across the whole value chain by 2050 (Scope 3).

CDP is a not-for-profit charity that runs the global disclosure system for all stakeholders to manage their environmental impacts and holds the largest environmental database in the world, scoring in 2022 nearly 15,000 companies on their climate change, forests and water security disclosures.

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