IWCS 2019 International Cable & Connectivity Symposium: Prysmian Group confirms its presence as main sponsor

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27/09/2019 - 02:00 AM

Also this year Prysmian Group is taking part to the IWCS International Cable & Connectivity Symposium from September 29th to October 2nd in Charlotte, North Carolina (USA), the premier venue for new technologies in cable and connectivity products, processes and applications, gathering approximately 1,200 Engineers and Managers from the cable & connectivity supply chain to network with peers and hear over 130 presentations on new innovations and novel technologies.

Prysmian Group will take part in the conference confirming its relevant role as main sponsor and it will hold several speeches and panels from its experts.



Between the group of Panelists there will be Srini Siripurapu, the EVP and Chief R&D Officer for Prysmian Group. He will provide his unique vision giving a speech about how his industry will respond to the needs for the exponential broadband network infrastructure growth, including the network developments required by the upcoming 5G technology.

He will discuss the demand for bandwidth and always-on connections, at sites or in mobility, will constantly increase. This imposes profound transformation of the telecom, datacentre and datacom network architectures. Three crucial infrastructural challenges will need to be addressed to enable this bold vision: Fibre ubiquity, Power ubiquity and Site ubiquity. The answer to these challenges will unleash innovation in fibre densification, hybrid cable systems and connectivity. At the conference, the focus will be fostering user friendly and environmentally sustainable solutions. Increasingly passive components in our telecommunications and energy infrastructure will be replaced by smart solutions that can self-regulate and provide an unprecedented consumer experience.

Besides S. Siripurapu, a number of Prysmian Group’s experts will take part in several sessions during the Symposium, showing once again Prysmian’s leadership in technology and R&D.

Here below the full list of Prysmian Group Contributions to the 2019 IWCS Conference


Prysmian Group Contributions


1-4 (10:10) Executive Panel Session – CTO Crystal Ball – Telecommunications in 2025 and Beyond

​​​​Christine (Colasanto) Bassett, Verizon; Morgan Kurk, CommScope; Claudio Mazzali, Corning; Srini Siripurapu, Prysmian Group

Session 5: Multimode Fiber | 5-6 (10:35) The Impact Of Leaky Modes On Multimode Fiber Attenuation Measurement

F. Achten, Prysmian Group, Eindhoven, Netherlands; M. Bigot-Astruc and P. Sillard, Prysmian Group. Billy Berclau, France

Session 7: Special Applications
7-1 (1:00) Characterization of Brillouin Sensing Cables for Ground Movement Monitoring in Deep Burial Applications
B. Risch and P. Baird, Prysmian, North Carolina, USA

Poster Session P-11 Radiation Tolerant Optical Fibers as Sensors to Measure Process and Environmental Responses in Polymeric Materials

E. Goldberg, C. Wagner, G. Pickrell, L. Richardson, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Virginia, USA; M. Davis, A.Yakusheva, Luna Innovations, Virginia, USA, Brian Risch, Prysmian, North Carolina, USA

P-21 Characterization of High Temperature Filling Gels for FIMT Applications

A. Terry, Prysmian Group and Systems USA, LLC., North Carolina, USA; V. Vembuli, Prysmian Group and Systems, USA, LLC, New Jersey, USA

Session 11: High Density Cables 11-1 (8:00) Ultra-High Density Optical Fiber Cable with Flexible Ribbons in RILT Design

E. Fallahmohammadi, J. Barker, B. Wells, B. Risch, C. Anderson, G. Lin, R. Truong, J. Sach and G. Falk, Prysmian Group, South Carolina, NC

Session 12: Advances in Optical Connectivity II 12-5 (10:10) Mass Fusion Splicing, Techniques, and Improvement of Foldable Ribbons

E. Fallahmohammadi. J. Leslie and C. Anderson, Prysmian Group, South Carolina, USA

Session 15: Microduct, Airblown & Optical Cable Installation 15-1 (1:00) High Speed Fibre Unit Installation and the Influence of Speed, Route Length, Ambient Temperature

R. Sutehall, Prysmian Group, Eastleigh, United Kingdom; M. Garcia, Prysmian Cables Spain SA, Cantabria, Spain; J. Jonker, Prysmian Group, Emmen, Netherlands