Prysmian and ELIS to train new fibre technicians

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Prysmian Italia is taking part in an important initiative to provide fibre optics training to young students at the ELIS Vocational Training School in Rome.

Milan, Italy   -   09/03/2018 - 01:00 AM

ELIS is a non-profit educational establishment with a central focus on the person and employment. It works to promote vocational skills as serving the common good. ELIS is targeted at young people, professionals and businesses with the aim to bridge the school-work gap, address youth unemployment and contribute to the sustainable development of organisations.

This year ELIS has organised the “Optical fibre technician: splicing, commissioning, operation and maintenance” course, with the aim of training new splicing technicians and designers to build optical fibre systems. The course is targeted at young people seeking their first job or professionals with no specific fibre-related expertise. It aims at fostering their immediate recruitment by optical and civil engineering network companies.

The training pathway has been designed in partnership with the ELIS Community Ultra-broadband companies, which include Prysmian Cavi e Sistemi Italia. Since November 2016, more than 300 students have been trained.

The agreement sees Prysmian providing teaching days and materials to ELIS, with the aim of disseminating its experience as a leading company in the fibre optics sector covering multiple topics such as the production processes for optical cables, the products used in the Italian network, state-of-the-art cables and connectivity and, lastly, cables for special applications.

In addition to the expertise and professionalism of PrysmianSenior Technicals who will help train the young people, the Company will also make available to course participants materials such as cables and accessories, cable specimens and connectivity.


Prysmian believes that this important vocational training scheme will provide full and adequate training to all those young people who have decided to pursue a career in the world of fibre. It will allow them to learn a job directly in the field and be introduced to the world of work thanks to the practical training received through many hours of internships, apprenticeships and laboratory activities. 

In addition, Prysmian is the ideal company to talk about fibre and telecommunications, since it is the only Italian fibre optic producer: every year 9 out of the approximately 35 million km of fibre produced by the Group overall leave the F.O.S. (Fibre Ottiche Sud) plant in Battipaglia, a worldwide centre of excellence.


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