Prysmian Group launches CPR compliant network cable: easy to install, Draka Cat. 6 cable is specific for the application in public sector buildings

Draka Cat.6 U/UTP Cca D64: Keeps What it Promises.

Milan, Italy   -   26/06/2019 - 02:00 AM

The Prysmian Group, the world's largest cable manufacturer, is expanding its portfolio with the Draka UC400 23 Cat.6 U/UTP LSHF D64 Cca network cable. The newly developed cable from BU Multimedia Solutions reliably and comprehensively meets all  equirements of the European fire protection class Cca s1a d1 a1 of the Contruction Products Regulation (CPR). Internal and external test laboratories have verified this in several test runs. With a cable diameter of 5.9 mm and the provision in a Reelex box, the lightweight and flexible Draka Cat.6 U/UTP Cca D64 is particularly easy to install. The electrical performance complies with category 6 of EN 50173 and EN 50288. The new network cable is primarily used in public sector buildings (schools, hospitals, airports, etc.) and office buildings.

Preventive structural fire protection is necessary to increase the protection of life and limb in the event of building fires. Cables must also contribute to this necessity. This is required by the Construction Products Regulation (CPR), which is binding for all EU member states and has also applied to permanently installed cables and wires in buildings since July 2017. CPR requires third party testing of cables with a Notified Body for heat-energy content, plus spread of fire, smoke, acidity, heat emission and droplet formation to ensure they meet fire performance requirements laid out in EN50575 of the CPR.

In order to comply with the strict fire protection guidelines, BU Multimedia Solutions of the Prysmian Group has developed the Draka Cat.6 U/UTP Cca D64. The new fire protection cable fully meets all criteria of fire protection class Cca s1a d1 a1 with regard to smoke emission (s1a), drop formation (d1) and acid content (a1). "We have invested considerable resources in developing the new CPR cable. The new cable should be fast and easy to install while maintaining high data rates," says Zoran Borcic, Product Manager Datacom, BU Multimedia Solutions, Prysmian Group. With a cable diameter of 5.9 mm and the application from a 305 m Reelex box, BU Multimedia Solutions has succeeded in launching a very light and flexible network cable with high fire resistance. The electrical performance complies with European standards 50173 and 50288.

Put to the acid test Several internal and external test laboratories tested the cable for the Cca fire protection criteria in numerous test runs. All randomly selected test objects fully met the demanding requirements of the Cca fire protection class. "This puts us a step ahead of the competition. However, as part of the process many other supposed Cca rated Cat.6 U/UTP cables from the market were third party tested, and all failed to meet the CPR classification stated on the manufacturers Declaration of Performance. This is particularly worrying when you consider Cat.6 U/UTP is one of the most popular cable products in Europe. Buying cable from a recognised, trusted company is therefore essential.”" said Zoran Borcic Product Manager Copper Data. "One more reason to provide our customers with a Cat.6 U/UTP Cca cable that keeps what it promises ".

Further information about the Draka Cat.6 U/UTP Cca D64 can be found in the DATA SHEET