Build the Future: Empower your Community

Are you up for the challenge?

The Build the Future – Empower Your Community Program will give you the chance to be part of an immersive program where you’ll contribute to accelerate the Energy transition and the Digitalization of your Country and/or Regional Community.

The program starts with a one-week Global Induction, jointly with the Build the Future Graduate Program participants. You’ll also have access to trainings and activities led by the Prysmian Group Academy, in collaboration with a Top-Ranking Business School, throughout the Program duration.

Following your induction, you’ll be part of a one-year job rotation in 2 different departments, in the Country where you are hired: Research and Development and Operations in one of our production sites.

At the end of your job rotations, you will be start performing a brand-new role which is aligned to your interest and the business needs of the region you’ve been hired in.

The Graduate Program Journey

What else is in for you?

Who are you?

  • You are keen on joining a career in our industry and you are ready to embrace a new challenge.
  • You have graduated in the last 18 months or you are completing a degree in STEM.
  • You speak English fluently.
  • You have excellent communication and presentation skills.
  • Previous work or study experiences abroad are a considered a plus.
  • You enjoy learning and working with other colleagues.
  • You are passionate about diversity and inclusion and keen on joining a multicultural environment.

People Stories – Graduate Program – Empower your community

“My experience with the Graduate Program, Empower Your Community Edition has been incredible for many aspects. It has allowed me to get to know a whole new world full of challenges. I’ve had the opportunity to learn many things from colleagues in my work environment. The program has allowed me to grow not only as a professional but also as a person. This experience has changed my life for the better.”

Gabriela, Build the Future - Empower your Community

“I have already worked as a student trainee in various departments such as maintenance, process technology, and research and development since the beginning of 2020. Afterwards, I decided to apply for the Empower Your Community Program. My goal was always to make an important contribution to the energy transition in Germany. Through this program, I have gained a lot of knowledge and experience in the different areas. In addition, I have already been able to manage projects independently. In the future, I hope to become an expert electrical engineer in the field of research and development”.

Abedullah, R&D Engineer

“I applied for the Empower Your Community Program so that I’d be able to stay in the UK and help Prysmian UK to achieve its sustainability goals quickly. I really like that I had responsibilities from the very first day. My favorite moment so far has been seeing my recommendations being adopted by the senior management.”

Abdul, from the UK, Empower Your Community Program, edition 2022

“What attracted me the most about the Program was the possibility of rotating in 3 different departments: R&D, Operations and Sales. What I like the most about this experience is that I’m getting real visibility of Prysmian Group’s key role in the Energy Transition.“

Veronica, from Argentina, Empower Your Community Program, edition 2022


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