Internal Job Posting

The Internal Job Posting is a tool that gives visibility of the vacant positions within the company and allows employees to apply for them.

It is a process that provides us a new way of recruiting for our company, guaranteeing transparency, leveraging on a feedback culture, and providing visibility of professional development opportunities.

Our commitment.

We want to support employees in the exploration of new positions and in undertaking a new potential career path.

We cannot wait to keep nurturing our company culture through this career developmental tool and learning-path for all our people.

IJP – The Recruiting Process

Some of our numbers …

Listen to some of our stories:


“I appreciate having access to IJPs within Prysmian. It allows us as current employees to know what is available for potential career changes as well as helps us understand the immediate needs of the company”
Megan, North America



“I believe Internal Job Posting is a great way to seek professional development across Prysmian Group. The tool is very easy to use and the application process smooth and fast. I would strongly recommend having a look at IJP and check out the interesting opportunities offered inside our company!”
Elisa, Projects Division




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People Stories – Internal Job Posting

“The Internal job Posting is a great tool to find a new, challenging role within Prysmian Group. It shows there are growth opportunities within the company. Seeing new jobs advertised internally encourages carrier advancement among the employees. I applied for a new and challenging role advertised internally because I wanted to progress and develop my carrier. I also I felt encouraged by the company to do so. The other important fact is I have already been with the company for a few years so I have known the company culture. The recruiting process was very easy and I could monitor progress of my application in Workday I do believe the internal job posting enhances career development opportunities."

Dagmara Peters, Sustainability Specialist