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What is SELL IT?

SELL IT is our five-year Professional Development Program customized for Sales Professionals who are eager to make their mark the Energy Transition and Digitalization of our Communities. The edition 2024 will be number 8!

We aim to hire Sales Experts globally who are keen to achieve goals and thrive by making customers the top priority.

You’ll join a team in your Country of employment and your role will directly contribute to the local organization’s results. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to be part of a global network of 200+ SELL IT colleagues!

We dream big, we value innovation, we are committed to creating a greener future.
As successful as we’ve been in the past, we have so much further to go. That’s where you come in. Join us!


Are you up for the challenge?

Being a part of the SELL IT Program, your development will be supported with a 5-year plan built around initiatives, training and networking, while playing a key role for the local organization and contributing to its results.

The program starts from day 1; you will then join a one-week Global Induction with a track of training and activities created through the collaboration between Prysmian Academy and a top-ranking Business School.

After the induction, your learning path continues with training courses and networking events, that will allow you to develop your skills and unlock your full potential.

  • During YEAR 1, after your local onboarding, you will be involved in training courses on soft skills and diversity & inclusion, with the aim of building the foundations of our diverse culture and leadership.
  • In YEAR 2 and 3, you’ll take part in customized technical and advanced training courses through our Prysmian Group Academy, in collaboration with top Business Schools. Here you will build a strong professional network and learn how to apply the commercial skills you have developed in your work. The SELL IT journey offers you much more than that. During your third year, you'll be assigned to a new role, depending on your performance, strongly linked to the core of our business.
  • In YEAR 4 and 5, you'll also have the opportunity to challenge yourself through engaging leadership courses based on performance and potential. In addition, you might be involved in challenging projects and job rotations at local or regional level, continuing your career in the Prysmian .

The SELL IT Program Journey


Who are you?

  • You are keen on developing your career in Sales (business development, customer service and technical sales support)
  • You have solid experience in Sales and have strong interest in our industry
  • You have a background in STEM or Business and Economics fields.
  • We are a global company. Being fluent in English is key.
  • You have excellent communication and presentation skills.
  • You show a solid attitude to technical understanding
  • You enjoy working in a dynamic environment

What else is in for you?



Prysmian Women in STEM

We’ve started our diversity and inclusion efforts with our “Side by Side” initiatives; we believed then and we strongly advocate even more now that people create companies and their own values and stories. Being a more supportive and inclusive company also means becoming a better one and more performing one. Our path is made of everyday activities and long-term plans. That’s why we have targets to achieve by 2030 in the area of social sustainability.

One of our goals is to involve +500 women in a fully dedicated STEM program by 2030.

Ready to embark on a new journey with us?

Join a global network of +100 SELL IT program participants!




“Over two weeks not only did we get to dig deeper and hear from our leaders on the company’s strategy and outlook, as well as develop new skills from SDA Bocconi; but we were also able to create relationships with global team members that we can connect with and learn from each other – overall it was an invaluable experience.”

Katelyn, Sales Manager


“The Sell-it has provided me a professional network globally I can use in my role as Manager Customer Care”

Liesbeth, Customer Care Supervisor


“Rich of a 17 years experiences of customer’s service and Sales management in several business such as: luxurious hospitality , Textile and Medical industry, I’m proud, today, to be part of Prysmian group and participate at the Sell it program 2022.”

Pascale, Inside Sales Manager


“Participating in the Sell It program gave me the opportunity to know colleagues from several countries, share information and knowledge and build a solid network since the first week in the Company.”

Sanzio, Bids and Contract Specialist


“Sell It gives you perfect experiences to boost your career and you will enjoy fantastic knowledge, education and networking from top level education institutes and world-wide colleagues. Perfections from Prysmian Group!”

Rizky, OGP Commercial Representative

"The Sell It program gave me the tools to build an international career in sales: I’ve been based in Chile, Italy, and the UK, and I’ve served customers all over the world. The strongest point of the program is the mentoring, a first line Senior Executive, Marcello del Brenna, today the CEO of Prysmian South Europe, has been someone I can always trust and count on for career and business advice during these 6 years. Prysmian is a company full of opportunities to do fun projects when you have good ideas, for example back in 2022 my team based in Bishopstoke won the PG Connect Contest, and we have been awarded with the opportunity to build a studio to generate digital content on site. In difficult personal and professional times, I’ve always found open doors to talk with my direct managers, but also with first line executives and this is something unique of our Prysmian community.​"

Izumi​, Telecom Intercompany & Export Sales Manager

"Participating in SELL IT Program is like embarking on a personal development journey with a group of brilliant colleagues from around the world. I truly enjoy the process and appreciate the opportunity to be part of the global network of SELL IT participants.​​"

Sarah (Renewable Sales Representative)

"SELL IT Program creates a great opportunity to learn consistency in sales process, better understanding of the company’s strategy, a great chance to network with colleagues from different countries, and build relationships across the world. The most important part for me, was learning and discussing customer centric business model being the key element of our long term sales strategy and the basis of our relationships with our partners.​"

Bernadett, (Intercompany Specialist).​


Yes, it does. You will be hired with a permanent contract in your Country of employment.

After your local onboarding, you will join an induction together with the newly hired participants of our STEM IT and SUM IT programs. Here you will get a great overview of our business, our products and Sales Strategy. You will attend the trainings organized by the Prysmian Academy in collaboration with a Top-Ranking Business School. During the program, your learning path will continue through technical and advanced trainings, as well as networking events with our senior leaders.

By joining us, you’ll have the opportunity to develop your career and thrive thanks to our Prysmian Academy, offering technical trainings that will help you quickly get up-to-speed on the business and our culture. Based on performance and potential, you’ll also be able to join selective leadership trainings in partnership with Top Business Schools.


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