Student opportunities

We’re working to be the sustainable link to the future.

For more than 140 years, our company has been leading the industry of high-technology cables & systems for energy and telecommunications. 

This is possible only thanks to our people. Do you want to be part of the energy transition and worldwide digitalization? Prysmian Group is the right place to start your career !

At Prysmian group we are able to offer a variety of opportunities for students and graduates, such as internship programs, in-company thesis, apprenticeships and much more.

Do you know what would make your experience challenging and exciting?

The opportunity to: 

  • Work on global impactful projects

  • Learn from experts 

  • Experiment yourself in dynamic environment

  • Express your ideas and your potential  

  • Be supported in your career path 

  • Be part of an international organization, where you’re able to work with colleagues from all over the world 

  • Be part of the energy transition and the digitalization journey

This means being part of Prysmian Group.

Our Values 

Thanks to our people and our business we aim to DRIVE the industry evolution, anticipating customer needs.

We want to create an environment of TRUST that exploits diversity and collaboration, where people are empowered 

Our bet is to SIMPLIFY everything we can, focusing on high value generating activities.




Who are we looking for?


Students and graduates who want to take a first step in the world of work. If you are still studying or if you just have completed your educational path, this may be the right development opportunity for you. 


We expect you to:

  • Be Curious, willing to embrace new challenges  
  • Be fluent in English, since you’ll work in a global company
  • Be a team player and learn from colleagues with diverse experience and background  
  • Be proactive and contribute with new ideas to improve our products and processes
  • Be passionate and committed on creating a more sustainable and digitalized future
  • Being interested in an industrial reality. 

Prysmian Group, as an Equal Opportunity Employer, aims to attract and recruit individuals with diverse backgrounds, skills and abilities, who will enhance the quality of service and contribute to the Group’s success.

Level up your experience and unlock your potential. 

We are always looking for new students and graduates to bring their contribution to our key departments: 

• Manufacturing

• Project & Contract Management 

• Installation Engineering 

• System Design Engineering

• Research & Development

• Supply Chain 

• Procurement 

• Quality & HSE 

• Finance & Controlling 

• Human Resources 

• Marketing & Sales 

• Communication

The recruiting process



Hear about students’ and graduates’ stories

I moved from California to Milan to pursue my MBA a start a career in Europe. The onboarding experience was easy - completely done digitally - and I felt immediately welcomed. I completed 8 months of internship before I required a permanent contract for visa purposes, and Prysmian was able to not only expedite the process, but also provide me with assistance for completing my documents. I never once felt belittled for being an intern, in fact, I only felt presented with opportunities and trust. I love working in a global company where people support each other no matter the distance!

Samantha Williams, Internal Communication Specialist, Milan HQ

In my two years at Prysmian Group I have had the great opportunity to learn by doing. The word “Innovation”, that once seemed quite abstract to me, started to become something concrete. In fact, I had the opportunity to explore and implement digital solutions for business growth and to improve our customers and colleagues’ experience through an enthusiastic digital journey. The great purpose of creating a more sustainable future is the main driver that motivates me. It's a big ambition and I am proud of being a little part of the puzzle that will make that future closer.

Laura Magrì, Digital Solution Architect JR, Milan HQ

When I started my Master's Degree in Electrical Engineering, I discovered the importance of power cable technology for transporting energy. So, since Prysmian is the market leader in this sector, I applied for a student opportunity in 2020. After 18 months in maintenance, I switched to process engineering and R&D. During this time, I helped to digitize the maintenance department by helping to set up the SAP Plant Maintenance module. While now, I am working on increasing the efficiency and cost reduction of a machine. In April 2022, I finally joined the Build the Future-Empower Your Community Graduate Program and I am excited for what’s coming next!

Abedullah Safi, Build the Future - Empower Your Community Graduate Program, Germany

“Working at Prysmian, I experience every day an environment where everyone is encouraged and stimulated to give their best. I engage in daily discussions with different colleagues, from talented graduates to knowledgeable leaders of the industry. We have an inclusive and genuine atmosphere which creates a never-ending learning experience, both from the human and professional standpoint.”

Enrico Sansone, Base metals Junior Buyer

“My internship experience allowed me to connect with colleagues worldwide to create a real Team with whom I could cooperate and exchange ideas to bring innovation and improvement. It is also a opportunity to challenge myself with new skills and take responsibility."

Chiara Stefanoni, Planning & Controlling Specialist

"When I joined Prysmian Group in February 2022, I immediately understood that it was the right place to learn and grow.I had the opportunity to challenge myself in many projects and activities, and this was fundamental to start my career path.I am grateful for what I’ve been taught in this year!"

Vanessa Ciocca, Learning, Talent & People Development Specialist

“Prysmian Group has been given me a very gratifying and enriching experience, professionally and personally. It was my first job like intern, today are 7 years in the company, time to learning, teaching and growth. I desire to continue adding steps in the organization"

Yilmar Munoz, Sales Specialist

"Hillary (Sales Representative T&I (Costa Rica)): “I am Hillary, Sales Representative for the Nicaraguan, Belizean and Caribbean markets. I joined the company 8 years ago as an intern at Colegio Técnico Profesional de Heredia. I had the opportunity to be hired for the position of Marketing and Sales Assistant. In a short time, I was promoted to a Customer Service position and fell in love with the Commercial world. Along the way, I took on more responsibilities and learned new skills. Since then, I have continued to grow in the company and have had the opportunity to work in different processes. My experience in Prysmian Group has been very enriching and professional growth”.

Hillary Lopez, Sales Representative T&I (Costa Rica)

“I started my internship at Prysmian Group with a lot of excitement and it was my first step to what working life is. When the opportunity to be hired arose, I felt very grateful because my dedication in the tasks assigned as an intern resulted in opening the doors to an internal position to continue contributing to the development of the company. I am grateful for the trust that Prysmian Group gave me, for believing in my abilities as a professional”.

Valeria Delgado, Planning professional

“Hi, I am Brisa , I’ve studied administration and this is my experience in Prysmian Group.I  started as an accounting inter in November 2021, I learned with my teamwork about different accounting task in this position, therefore my growth was professional and personal thanks my coworkers.Currently I am working as an accounting analyst and in the future I would like to see other branches of the company to continues progressing in my career professional.I am very happy to be part of this company."

Brisa Aguilera, Accounting Analyst

“Hi, I´m Aranda. I´m Account Payables Analyst at Prysmian Group and student of Business Administration at the University of La Matanza, Argentina. I working at Prysmian Group as an Accounting Intern in September 2021. In November 2022, with great enthusiasm I have started a new role as Account Payables Analyst. I´m happy for the opportunity to continue learning and growing professionally. I hope to become an excellent professional to offer the company my best knowledge."

Aranda Milagrso, Account Payables Analyst

“If I have to describe somehow my steps through Prysmian, I can definitely talk about development. I think in my journey as a path full of challenges that allow me to grow professionally and, without dubs, on a personal level as well. There are still a lot of things to learn, but having the chance to progress as the road is built is a huge and rewarding opportunity for me."

Lucila Rosasco, Local Recruiting & People Development Analyst

So, are you ready to make an impact and to embrace new challenges?

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