Side by Side

Side by Side

Side by Side

Promoting a multicultural environment and women’s participation at all organisational levels.

Prysmian Group believes in individual contributions, backgrounds, perspectives, leadership styles and passions that contribute to the company’s value creation, in line with the objectives of the business: as a Group with a global footprint, our company is constantly promoting a multicultural environment that reflects the diversities of each country where it operates while developing a shared common identity, which makes Prysmian Group grow as a company and as individuals.

Accordingly, together with different initiatives and projects, the Group has implemented a Diversity & Inclusion Policy and launched the
Side by Side” project that, focusing on gender diversity, aims at increasing women’s participation at all organisation levels, creating a gender-inclusive culture, cultivating diverse leadership and talent, as well as promoting diversity and meritocracy within the company.


The project is based on 3 main pillars:

  • Recruitment policy and global policy for gender equality
  • Training & Awareness programmes on Diversity & Inclusion practices in all Prysmian Academy courses
  • Diversity storytelling based on Prysmian employees’ cases.

As regards the Training & Awareness pillar, Prysmian implemented a Women in Leadership Program (WLP) in cooperation with Valore D and SDA Bocconi, managing 3 days of training and roundtables with focus on strategy, leadership, emotional intelligence, negotiation and change management for groups of 30 women from all over the Prysmian World, for an experience of dialogue on leadership and interaction with internal and external leaders.

Prysmian Group leverages diversity because it stands SIDE BY SIDE with success.