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Prysmian’s relationship with Italian solo skipper Giancarlo Pedote began in 2007, based on shared values of innovation, sustainability, and pushing one’s limits in the pursuit of excellence.


Prysmian and Giancarlo have achieved important victories in their nearly twenty years of partnership. Winner of the 2015 Transat Jacques Vabre in Ocean Fifty, Giancarlo was twice elected “Sailor of the Year” in Italy in 2014 and 2016. In 2021, he finished in eighth place at the helm of the IMOCA Prysmian in the solo around-the-world Vendée Globe, a grueling sports event known as “the Everest of the sea”, crossing the line just 19 hours after the winner. His other victories include second place at the 2013 Mini Transat, two first places in the Mini class world ranking, and two medals “Champion de France Promotion Course au Large en Solitaire”.

Giancarlo is back in the water again with the IMOCA Prysmian, one of the most high-performing boats of its generation that now bears Prysmian’s new brand, as he prepares to qualify for the Vendée Globe race that starts on November 10, 2024. Built in 2015 for the fourth Vendée Globe, the IMOCA Prysmian was improved in 2022 according to Giancarlo’s specifications in light of his racing experience, and equipped with new sensors and new foils.

Through their participation in regattas around the globe, Prysmian and Giancarlo Pedote are becoming ambassadors of the positive values that set them apart such as trust, teamwork, respect for the environment, and a continual search for new challenges.

Giancarlo Pedote

"Life is a story. Very often, these stories intersect with one another. My story has intersected with that of the Prysmian Group. I have been racing with Prysmian since 2007. This bond of trust fills me with a deep sense of pride in sailing aboard the boat of a company that has grown so much since 2005, and has offered me the opportunity to grow as well. Now, being able to take part in such an ambitious project together with a company that I saw be founded and rise so high fills me with great enthusiasm and the sense of being a part of something. Looking back on myself in 2007, I feel a certain peace of mind thanks to the approach I have taken to my work, which is rewarding me for all the efforts I have put in, although I still feel the uncertainty of knowing that no way of doing things is perfect, fully satisfying and capable of ensuring complete peace of mind.
All of this is wrapped up in that warm thrill that comes from opening a new door: the thrill of being back in the first grade, in uniform, with that stiff collar, backpack strapped to my shoulders. All I remember of my first day of school was the sense of discovery, that same feeling that I felt when I set out on my adventure aboard the Prysmian ITA 626, and that I feel today at the dawn of this great adventure: circumnavigating the globe. Yes, in the end I believe that living a life is like writing a story. Very often this story intersects with other stories, and this overlapping makes it possible to create virtuous circles among people."

Giancarlo Pedote, Skipper

The boat

For his latest adventures, Giancarlo PEDOTE is at the helm of one of the most high-performance boats of its generation.

Built in 2015, for the Vendée Globe (4th), she proved her potential by winning the Transat Jacques Vabre 2017, finishing 2nd in the Route du Rhum - Destination Guadeloupe in 2018 and 8th at Vendée Globe in 2021.



2021: Rolex Fastnet Race - 8th
2021: Vendée Globe - 8th
2020: Vendée-Arctique-Les Sables d’Olonne - 8th
2019: Transat Jacques Vabre – 17th
2019: Défi Azimut – 13th
2019: Rolex Fastnet – 13th
2019: Bermudes 1000 Race – 3rd
2017: Transat Jacques Vabre – 12th
2017: Défi Azimut – 8th
2016: Marin de l’année en Italie
2015: Transat Jacques Vabre – 1er (Multi 50)
2015: Grand Prix Guyader – 1er (Multi 50)
2015: Tour de Belle Ile – 1er (Multi 50)
2015: Armen Race – 1er (Multi 50)
2015: Grand Prix Las Palmas de Gran Canaria – 1er (Multi 50)
2015: Trofeo Prince de Bretagne Sud Goëlo – 1er (Multi 50)
2014: Champion de France Promotion Course au Large en Solitaire
2014: Marin de l’année en Italie
2014: Lorient-Bretagne Sud Mini 2014 – 1st (Classe Mini 6.50)
2014: Les Sables Les Açores Les Sables 2014 – 1st (Classe Mini 6.50)
2014: Pornichet Select – 1st (Class Mini 6.50)
2014: Mini en Mai – 1st (Class Mini 6.50)
2014: Trophée Marie-Agnès Péron – 1st (Class Mini 6.50)
2014: Armen Race – 3rd (Class 40)
2014: Route du Rhum – 10th (Class 40)
2013: Champion de France Promotion Course au Large en Solitaire
2013: Transat 6.50 – 2nd
2013: Trophée Marie-Agnès Péron – 1st (Class Mini 6.50)
2013: Trinité Plymouth – 1st (Class Mini 6.50)

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