Italy Shows Its True Fibre

Milan, Italy   -   03/07/2017 - 02:00 AM

Prysmian Group launches the new website, featuring a new design and content created in a restyling project carried out as part of the Group’s more extensive digital transformation strategy. The new website represents an important pillar for the “Italy shows its true fibre” communications campaign, aimed at promoting the significant and unique expertise that the company can offer Italy in the process of building an ultra-broadband infrastructure.
The new site has been designed and developed to offer a simple, yet compelling user experience accessible and usable from any type of device. The website, which reflects the strategy underlying the communication campaign launched by the Group two years ago with a focus on innovation, seeks to constantly convey key messages and content relating to optical fibre and telecommunications in general.
The objective is taking our main partners on an exciting journey to discover the world of fibre spanning all continents. The coating of this fibre bears a special phrase: ‘100% Made in Italy optical fibre’ by Prysmian Group, the only manufacturer of optical fibre in Italy.
The new site represents an important stage of our Digital Transformation process. It is also an opportunity to tell, from a new and different point of view, the story of what we have been doing passionately for many years in the telecommunication and optical fibre fields, further emphasising that Italy has all the expertise and production capacity to develop broadband telecommunications network projects.
The site’s new features are not confined to technology and graphics, but also revolve around content that comes to life in the form of stories, interviews and in-depth information in all fields of digital solutions, telecommunications, ultra-broadband, European Digital Objectives, to name but a few, where Prysmian Group is able to make a valuable contribution, from technological innovation to manufacturing excellence, sustainability, high quality of products, ethical practices and international business experience. The site is intended to serve as an active tool for constant interaction with the Company that also exploits new social media channels in which it is active.
For the company, customers have always been a priority and the decision to focus on the digital channel as a way of engaging in dialogue with them and all of our other stakeholders was the input to revamp and redesign the site to create an innovative experience that uses interesting content to share our values and what makes us a worldwide leader in the telecommunication industry.”
In Italy, the Group manufactures 9 million kilometres of optical fibre at its plant in Battipaglia (Salerno), a world-class centre of excellence. Innovation capacities and production process efficiency are the pillars of Prysmian’s competitive optical fibre strategy as well. The experience and innovation of its solutions are contributing to Italy’s ultra-broadband project, increasing the country’s growth potential. This journey to the heart of innovation is the spirit that inspires the new website