People perform, diversity changes

People perform, diversity changes


Prysmian Group is pushing forward several activities which confirm the continuous commitment to the Side by Side project, which focus its attention to the messages of Diversity

“Diversity and inclusion is to respect the differences! We’re different people, we have particularity and distinct personality and all of us must be recognized and have the same rights and opportunities. After all, joining our forces, intelligences, competences and different ideas it’s what potentiates the organizational success and the human growth.”, pointed out Macicleide Vicente Latorre, People Development Manager.

As an evidence of this, Prysmian Group Brazil has placed diversity as one of the mail pillars of our growth. The project focuses on 3 main pillars which are:


everybody must be engaged and aware that diversity is essential for a sustainable business growth


promoting discussion groups and actions through periodical workshops and continuous alignments


offering tools to develp the career, considering meritocracy as the only pillar for business development in order to promote equality


The project has been officially launched by a letter from Marcello Del Brenna, CEO Prysmian Group Brazil:

“Prysmian Group strongly believes that diversity is an essential element for sustainable business growth.  Therefore, the Side by Side Diversity and Inclusion Program has been implemented globally focused on gender diversity at first. There is no respect and acceptance of diversity without a sustained promotion of inclusion. People must be valued regardless of their social status, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation and so many other forms of differences. Inclusion is respect for others and appreciation of life.

Diversity is part of our strategic plans. To have a diverse team inserted in an open environment of plurality of thoughts and opinions makes room for innovation and encourages the high performance of our employees. To further strengthen our values and engage our employees in promoting a more collaborative and inclusive work environment this topic becomes relevant and will be considered in the Leadership goals of the P3 performance assessment as of this year.

Therefore, among the Leadership goals to be achieved by employees in the next P3, two goals should consider inclusion and diversity. This instruction is applicable for all levels of the organization. To create a collaborative and inclusive culture we believe that everyone must be involved with it.”


According to Fernanda Gaibina, MMS Customer Service South America:

“Developing the Side by Side actions in South America allow us to come together as a whole team including and promoting diversity as a strategic asset to our grown. Our aim is to provide a more inclusive environment through awareness of our unconscious bias, training and promoting a better work-life balance. Only in this way we’ll be able to provide equal opportunities to all based on meritocracy and to generate innovation. It's great to see that we’re all working together to make a difference!”

Together with Mr. Del Brenna, 10 people more are in the Committee team of the project. The idea is to have a very diverse committee so everybody can contribute to the project: to promote and propose Side by Side activities and support the project in all its forms.

“The Side by Side gives us continuous reflection and the key word is Respect. I'm honored to be part of this focused committee and strongly believe in the slogan People Perform Diversity Changes created to promote the program in Brazil. Our efforts are directed toward promoting a diverse environment that encourages new ideas and provides equal opportunity.”

Alba Lima

Marketing Coordinator Prysmian Brazil

All the project has been support by a strong work of communication. In fact, in 2017 Prysmian Group Brazil has implemented several activities to sustain Side by Side by giving to each employee a piece of puzzle to make them fill a key point of the project, dedicated leaflets and banners and an article on the South American newspaper “Entre Nos”.

But that’s not all: among the P3 action and goals, specific diversity and inclusion targets have been set. Furthermore, in November 2017, more than 70 managers from Prysmian Brazil were invited to join a Diversity and Inclusive Workshop with the objective of reinforcing concepts and engaging the leadership in promoting a more collaborative and inclusive corporate environment.

Prysmian Group Brazil has set several targets to achieve by 2020 that they will be able to reach thanks to all the effort and commitment they’re putting in this project.

Learn more about the Side by Side project, download the brochure here