Sustainability Week 2023

Invite you to Prysmian Group Sustainability Week 2023 – “GOING GREEN AND DIGITAL”, our biggest annual stakeholder engagement event taking place on Wednesday 28 June, onsite in Prysmian HQ in Milan.

The Sustainability Week 2023 looks to encompass the views and opinions of global leaders involved in sustainability initiatives and the main challenges that we face to generate concrete impacts. The event will address key topics such as the energy transition, electrification, digitalization, sustainable finance, and the value of the supply chain, debating inspiring initiatives, local efforts, and best practices to engage our main stakeholders, collect their point of view, understand your needs and expectation towards the company.

The event on the 28th June 2023, named “GOING GREEN AND DIGITAL”, will be moderated by CNBC, that will be also our editorial partner.

Alongside the panel sessions and discussions, on Wednesday, all visitors will have the possibility to learn more about the innovative projects and ideas run by the PG local Regions at the Sustainability Call4Ideas Fair, situated in our HQ.