Acting for Local Communities

Acting for local communities

We act with the intention of contributing to the development of the communities around us, as we recognize our interdependence with them. We are committed to supporting the economic, social and cultural development of the communities in which we operate by pursuing a socially responsible business model.


The Group has a procedure on Donations, in line with the Vision, Mission, Values, Code of Ethics and Policies put in place by the Group. This policy defines the main types of contributions that can be made, the guiding principles and operating methods, as well as the monitoring and communication of these activities. In 2023, Euro 2,000,000 was given to support local communities through contributions in cash, in products and in working hours of employees.

The initiatives

Among the main activities supported and carried out by Prysmian in 2023 to contribute to the development of local communities and to mitigate any negative effects arising from the Group's operations are:

In line with the objective set forth in Prysmian's 2030 Social Ambition to empower the local communities in which it operates, with a focus on developing countries and vulnerable communities, in 2023 two of the Group’s programs aimed at training women for factory work were expanded: "Elas in Industria" for 65 women in Brazil and "SHE STEMS" for 20 women in Oman. In Colombia, "Energizing your Future" concluded its first mentoring program for 18 at-risk high school students, while in the Netherlands, the United States and the United Kingdom, Prysmian employees introduced STEM topics to elementary school students. Scholarships dedicated to supporting minority students of all ages have been awarded in many Group regions.

Support to local communities in Turkey and Syria following the 6.8 magnitude earthquake that struck the area in February. Through its own donation of more than Euro 600,000 and a crowd funding campaign, via which an additional Euro 45,000 was raised, the Group, together with local authorities, financed the construction of the Prysmian Village where 150 containers were placed for housing purposes for more than 100 families;

Support to communities impacted by the flood that hit Emilia-Romagna with more than 200 mm of water falling in less than 36 hours and more than 30 thousand displaced. The Group contributed to community support by launching a donation campaign open to all employees and doubled the donations it received from employees for a total donation of more than Euro 12,000. In addition, Prysmian promoted the organization of volunteer activities by its employees. Finally, the Group promoted "in-kind" donations with the collection of basic necessities such as food, cleaning and hygiene products.

On the occasion of Mental Health Month, with the help of Legambiente Italia, the Group organized a volunteer day for its employees. During the event, those invited contributed to the maintenance of a public park of the city of Milan. The activity had a twofold value: environmental (useful actions to improve green areas) and social (the spaces, once restored, will be used by the children of "Il Giardino degli Aromi Onlus", the association with which Prysmian collaborated during the event).

Prysmian Malaysia organized in August, with the support of the local authority and health organizations, a blood donation at Prysmian Melaka headquarters. Contributions from all donors are vital to have adequate and constant blood supply during medical emergencies.

Prysmian Thailand made a donation of power cables to the Department of Skills Development of the Ministry of Labor. The cables will be used for educational purposes by universities and research centers for the training and development of young technical specialists in the field. This donation highlighted the importance for Prysmian to support the training and development of young local talent and provide career opportunities and improve quality of life.