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At Prysmian Group, we believe that sustainability and innovation go hand in hand.

“The current global pandemic has been very difficult for individuals, households and communities. Our Prysmian family is no exception. Our approach to the current situation is to put the health and safety of our employees first.

At Prysmian Group, we believe that sustainability and innovation go hand in hand. We embarked on our R&D sustainability journey by building a digital platform that can calculate the carbon footprint of our cables. This platform allows our customers to make smarter purchasing decisions.

We then shifted to investing in material and process technologies that support the circular economy, and recently we set ourselves a bold goal: earning one-half of our revenues from low-carbon enabling products.

In short, Prysmian Group is truly committed to sustainable innovation for the future."


SRINI SIRIPURAPU, Chief R&D Officer in Prysmian Group


Discover our R&D sustainability journey through the words of Srini Siripurapu.

Srini Siripurapu

Leaders of tomorrow

"I think that the digital revolution has not yet arrived. And that our digital transformation has just begun." Stefano Brandinali, Prysmian Group’s Chief Digital Officer, outlines the recent increasingly radical changes now faced by everyone — businesses and individuals. The pandemic has inevitably accelerated such changes, in terms of both needs and opportunities."

Stefano Brandinali

The three pillars

"As a digital innovation department, we seek to help the Company rethink the foundation of its business," explained Stefano Brandinali, who also identifies the three pillars — the three ideas — that form the basis of this daily process of transformation within Prysmian. “First of all, from pure manufacturers we need to seek to become full-fledged solution-providers. Secondly, we need to redesign our operating model, shifting from a traditional process-driven approach to a data-driven organisation. Thirdly, we need to redefine our leadership, as we also aim to be digital market leaders."


We need to change now

The road to the future has thus been marked. Yet, it begins in the present and is supported by history — all the more so for a company that, like Prysmian, has been operating for more than one hundred years and has its roots in the Pirelli Group, the cable division of which was founded in Italy in 1879. "We need to change now," stressed Stefano Brandinali, evoking the Company's founding values.


Passion, enthusiasm and curiosity

"We can count on our culture of innovation, structured processes and successful track record. Yet, most of all, I believe that we have an extraordinary additional resource: we can count and rely on the passion of our people. On their enthusiasm and curiosity. We will need to harness our ability to be surprised and awed by beauty. We will also need to take advantage of our inclusive culture."



Chief Digital Officer and Chief Information Officer