What is ECO CABLE and which are the advantages of ECO CABLE labeled products presented at the FTTH Conference 2023?


It has just taken place in Madrid (April 18th-20th) this year’s edition of the FTTH Conference, the annual event dedicated to FTTH and other fibre enabled technology that brings together the C level representatives of the industry to discuss and examine all the aspects of FTTH and the benefits it brings to society.

What is FTTH?

FTTH stands for Fiber-To-The-Home, which is a broadband internet connection that uses fiber-optic cables to provide high-speed internet access directly to individual homes or buildings.

One of the characteristics that make FTTH a groundbreaking technology is that the fiber-optic cables it relies on can carry large amounts of data over long distances without any degradation in signal quality, making them an ideal choice for high-speed internet connections. FTTH, in fact, drastically increases connection speeds available to users compared to other technologies based upon copper or other materials which can more easily experience signal degradation over long distances.

Prysmian Group’s ECO CABLE Label

After announcing in April the launch of the first optical cables certified green thanks to its ECO CABLE label - the first proprietary green product label in the cable industry - Prysmian Group presented its range of ECO CABLE labeled products at the FTTH Conference 2023, of which the Group is Platinum Sponsor.

In line with the Sustainable Development Goals and based on six measurable and internationally recognized criteria (id est carbon footprint, substances of very high concern, recyclability/circularity, recycling input rate, environmental benefits, cable transmission efficiency), ECO CABLE label marks a milestone in Prysmian Group’s innovation path, and leads to plenty of environmental benefits - since it is aligned with the carbon neutrality goal - along with cable transmission efficiency and reliability.

The benefits of ECO CABLE labeled products

Since full-fibre networks consume drastically less electricity than copper-based broadband networks and enable energy savings, fibre is intrinsically green and a good ally in the fight against climate change, helping achieve the energy transition in line with the European Green Deal.

ECO CABLE labeled products are thus a big step forward both to helping reduce the environmental impact of the Group and to strengthening its sustainability strategy and active role as a promoter of a sustainable development, as well as at accelerating the Group’s race to net-zero CO2 emissions.

“The ECO CABLE products are aimed at proactively addressing the greener and greener expectations of the telecom market and of all stakeholders. We are now ready to present our range of telecom products where the measurable and recognized sustainable criteria can be applied, to support the decarbonisation of operators and broadband infrastructure providers and strengthen their green supply chain and value proposition.”

Philippe Vanhille

Executive Vice President Telecom Division - Prysmian Group