What is PRYSOLAR, Prysmian Group’s innovative PV cable solution presented at Genera 2023?


On the occasion of Genera 2023 - the International Energy and Environmental Fair held in Madrid last February - Prysmian Group has launched Prysmian PRYSOLAR, the most innovative cable solution for solar power generation.

But what are solar cables, why are they so relevant and, most importantly, what is Prysmian PRYSOLAR?

What are solar cables and why are they important

Solar cables, also known as solar photovoltaic cables or solar PV cables, are specifically designed cables used in photovoltaic systems, in which they play a critical role: solar cables are used to transmit the electrical power generated by solar panels and serve as a conduit where the electricity travels, connecting the components of the whole circuit and ensuring the efficient and safe flow of power and hence the effective functioning of solar power installations.

Solar cables are thus crucial to provide a safe and reliable performance of any photovoltaic system, since their failure disrupts power generation.

What is Prysmian PRYSOLAR?

As stated above, solar PV cables play a key role in power generation. Nevertheless, extreme climate events like heavy rains and floods may cause cable deterioration and failure with negative consequences on power generation capacity, reliability of power supplies and return on investment.

To face and overcome these challenges, Prysmian Group has launched PRYSOLAR cables, the most innovative PV cable solution, fully compliant with the applicable global standards EN 50618 and IEC 62930 and enhanced with long term resistance in water up to 1800 V DC. Thanks to an innovative and first-in-the-industry test protocol that certifies long term resistance in water for DC cables, in fact, Prysmian PRYSOLAR offers extreme climate strength and +30-years lifetime.

The characteristics of Prysmian PRYSOLAR

Given the important role solar photovoltaics play in the fight against climate change (since they are crucial to achieve carbon neutrality targets), and given that global photovoltaic capacity is set to increase to 19000 GW and cover more than 50% of global electricity demand by 2050, it is essential to provide PV systems with innovative solutions in order to face the most unpredictable challenges and events that could affect the areas where solar panels are installed.

And that’s exactly what Prysmian PRYSOLAR is designed for. Thanks to its characteristics, this innovative solution provides:

  • Extreme climate strength 

  • Reliable return on investment (+30 years of lifetime)

  • Increased operational efficiency of assets

  • Sustainable supply chain

“Solar photovoltaic generation is set to cover more than 50% of the global electricity demand by 2050. Return on investment, asset efficiency, OPEX and Levelized Cost of Energy are the main and most critical priorities for our customers in the solar industry. Prysmian PRYSOLAR, is the new generation of cables designed to provide our solar customers with peace of mind in these areas.”

Vanessa Alvarez

SVP Industrial Specialties - Prysmian Group